Factors affecting the effectiveness of banner advertising Creative location size

1) 44% consumers want the site to have this feature: "show me the last time to browse what products".

2) comScore in the evaluation of the effect of network marketing force attack model based on user behavior after the click, Shor.org last click attribution in the attack force model, we are very reasonable, also have their own interests in it.

3) 1800flower.com his own page embedded in the Facebook – the impression seems to be his family tried to embed the CNN site after the e-commerce front should be gradually fragmented.

Google, 4) that they get the data show that different ranking keyword advertising conversion rate did not differ significantly.

5) factors affecting the effectiveness of banner advertising: creative > location > size. Mixed in the content of small and medium bannr (234*60, 180*150) effect than the big bannr fortunately.

6) to solve the problem of the 3 dimensions, a comprehensive look at the problem, the essence of the problem, the long-term problem". Although before the problems encountered to think and choose, but the lack of systematic, these 3 dimensions for me to provide a basis for thinking. For example, now a project plan, we first list all the possible out, and then return to the source, these items will be re cut, which is a trade-off. I think this process from simple to complex, from complex to simple in fact is the first comprehensive look at the problem, and then look at the nature of the process. When a difficult choice I will think of the teacher mentioned "who am I? Where do you come from? Where are you going?" the problem in the long term, once you understand the nature of things, this time in the short term but you didn’t insist on the pros and cons of a city.

7) UK, 94% of users said they would stop shopping online shopping in this website (or turn to competitors,) if they feel that the website service is poor; 1/3 said their love by mail to the consultation; 2/3 said customer service phone call in listening to music most let them stand.

8) value $6.99 free shipping is often more attractive than the price of $10 to attract consumers.

9) Alice.com: B2C. 1 long order groceries do long-term business; 2 regularly put toilet paper ah, washing powder of this kind of product to send you home; 3 discount, the trouble (many things from the supermarket to get back home is not easy, if the lack of more convenient)

10) Blacksocks.com: regularly send you black socks, has sold 10 million pairs.

11) the three red wolf howl month T-Shirt: because the funny comment and bursts of production.

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