The growth of troubled Pin website this year


Pinterest has encountered bottlenecks, Pin can chengdaqi


China Pinterest, you live a few months? Similar to group purchase websites to follow the trend of Groupon, from 2010 onwards, similar to the Pinterest structure of the layout of the site began to appear in the Chinese market, the domestic Pinterest website for a time to more than and 50. The business model, but also highly concentrated in the electricity supplier shopping guide, display advertising in two categories.

in addition to entrepreneurial companies, large electricity supplier companies or SNS are doing Pin community. April 2012, Taobao launched a class Pinterest community stubborn rabbit. Previously, Taobao has launched a wow, love shopping, Baidu has received $50 million investment after the launch of O2O products Philharmonic live, happy net launched the "happy collection", launched the exploration"……

in the interview, Liu Pingyang, founder of the petals of the network to their peers are divided into three schools: I put these sites into three types. A beautiful said, shopping guide type of site; the second is similar to the interest of the petals of the map of the site; the third is to borrow the form of the waterfall flow site, but do their own thing."

Liu Pingyang believes that now many domestic Pin sites in the first and third kinds of concentrated in his. Because the second relatively speaking, unlike the first one so close to the money, nor the third can be associated with the original business."

this is a rush to get together, business model homogenization, and finally by the big Internet platform to dominate the world, clean up the battlefield industry, like Liu Pingyang is certainly not to group purchase? Is the decline of the group purchase compared to "Pin", he said, the market has not fully tap: "now I think (Pinterest) product service is still relatively small population. In fact, in the country, the challenge for everyone is that you need to explore how to make a product and service to allow more people to use more." Then, each kind of Pin website, in the appearance and pattern of homogenization at first glance, how to find their own position and they seek to live?? is currently showing much commercial value


in accordance with the classification of Liu Pingyang, tiger sniffing for each category to find a more influential two to sort out, look at how they find themselves. In this process, some of the findings are: 1, they did not jump off the electricity supplier shopping guide and display advertising business in the direction of big, just under seek differentiation and segmentation; 2, women are still the main Pin website users; 3, the electricity supplier shopping guide websites are more interested to the mobile terminal should be used, the interest graph class the site is limited to the flow and screen size, the former not keen on the mobile terminal.

electricity supplier shopping guide class beauty said: when women

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