Fresh fruit industry of dark horse camp closed behind the boss by the police online pursuit

once said to do fresh circles "Alibaba", the wealth myth has just begun, because of capital chain rupture into the abyss, in accordance with the present situation, fall to turn smashed to pieces.

fruit camp closed

fruit line Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 in Shenzhen, a fresh fruit electricity supplier companies, the parent company of Hongkong United International group. The company has more than and 300 stores in the country’s more than and 20 provinces and cities, there are thousands of employees, was a major supplier of domestic fresh electricity supplier. In the domestic industry of fresh fruit camp is also "respected", according to reports, the fruit for palace decoration style camp headquarters is gorgeous, but with the closed shop tide, overdue wages, rent, fees, membership suppliers prepayments, investors debt problem surfaced, fruit camp can’t escape the misfortune finally, due to funding strand breaks, mismanagement collapse.

fresh sector, whether it is offline stores or online, no doubt are faced with the logistics of this problem, the high cost of cold chain logistics transportation, for time requirements are very harsh. Fruit camp line mainly under the line stores, set up a year ago, it has opened more than and 300 stores in the country’s more than and 20 provinces, so fast, shocking!

The rapid development of the

camp for fruit, cannot do without the investor funds, fruit camp was propaganda said the company uses "partner to raise public financing, to join the situation of brand promotion, single investment of 1 million yuan, 1 million 200 thousand yuan for the north of Guangzhou shenzhen. Fruit camp Holdings Limited registered capital of up to 1 billion yuan, in the fresh world rarely. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported: Fruit camp mode of operation for the public to raise + push card. Refers to raise public partners to raise the public, push push user card means membership card, with high recharge activities (recharge 2000 yuan to 2400 yuan, some recharge 2000 yuan to 800 yuan, there is a recharge 1000 yuan to send 1000 yuan) entice you to do card, this mode of operation appears to offer customers, but who one can expect such a large enterprise in a collapse.

this fresh industry dark horse in the past may not be accidental, Deputy Secretary General of China Fruit Association Mo Qingfeng believes that at present we do not find a particular business model in line with the fruit industry. Although we are accustomed to online consumption, but only fresh here is difficult to enter, or mode and technical problems fundamentally, once solved, the market will spread like fruit and other industries.

o2o is a seemingly fresh "fat", but this fat not so tasty, now is also not a recipe (business model) can make fresh business easy on this road to go down, even the romance is also true, romance in the fruit in chain is first. But is stumbling in the road is not smooth.

camp has been crowned fruit fresh circles "dark horse" and "Alibaba Yuzuo fresh", but eventually become the past. >

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