Electricity supplier to open micro shop users sellers so many buyers are not enough

electricity supplier new battlefield: open micro shop

users: sellers so many buyers do not use

recently, the Alibaba launched a new tool "Amoy shop" in the wireless terminal through the mobile phone seller, the seller Taobao login can easily achieve the goods, delivery and store management and other functions.

, the rapid growth of online shopping in the whole wireless traffic bonus era momentum, the major electricity supplier platform and third party service providers, are turning to the mobile terminal personal shop, launched a variety of "a shop", "a film that sell" and other functions, to attract small sellers even employees stationed in various the social networking platform, once again set off a "shop" tide.

"Amoy shop" on-line PK WeChat

it is understood that the "Amoy shop" with the release of goods management, order management, business staff, news channels, the four basic functions of the above goods as an example, the seller only need to login with Taobao mobile phone, camera with barcode scanning the standard commodity bar code, can realize the automatic upload commodity information and fast matching related categories. Less than 5 minutes to complete the whole process of the goods. There is no bar code of non-standard goods, sellers can also upload photos online with mobile phone details.

Ali platform provides custom traffic entrance for "Amoy shop" seller, "Amoy shop" all active sellers can be composed of a 6 digit number and name card to store two-dimensional code stores, and share directly to the micro Amoy, micro-blog, WeChat and other social platforms. The move is considered to be blocking WeChat’s breakthrough, to snatch the mobile terminal.

shop micro war upgrade

2015 major electricity providers and electricity supplier service providers, will turn their eyes to the mobile terminal personal shop.

January 7th, the Jingdong announced on-line pat micro shop App, the App has a "one click shop" and "key distribution" and other functions, users can directly transmit the application of social sharing of goods, delivery and customer service is in charge of the business, after the deal, the user can directly get the commission.

earlier this year, mogujie.com in the new version of the App page added "I want to be buyers’ personal shop function and a key to release the product function, users can upload their own goods, also share the social channel sales. Recently, the United States also said that the release of the new version of App, the introduction of a shoot that sell feature, users can take pictures through the phone sales.

in February this year, Su ningyun launched Suning micro shop business, the establishment of micro shop suning.com distribution channel, Suning launched shop staff. It is said that more than 50% Suning employees Suning Suning opened. The United States also will enhance the company’s strategy to micro shop floor, this year plans to open 100 thousand micro shop, the staff opened more than 10 thousand micro shop.

this micro shop war, also added a large number of third party service providers figure. In addition there is WeChat third party in two: like micro pocket shopping mall and micro shop, another third party platform in MSI >

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