Where to the imaginary a powerful and unconstrained style Ma Taobao students

Ma is concerned about the recent thing.

Ma and his Alibaba as early as ten years ago has become famous, I was fighting in the SARS front, daily access to local hospitals, check the power supply is reliable, because I work in the power supply company, or a marketing service department deputy head, responsibility. Then read the media Ma photos and some of his sayings, find the man without that rich phase, with a single heroic utterance may not be able to succeed. Sina, the NetEase network company is the Internet mainstream, Alibaba of the Arabia is a poor boy, by chance to gain wealth, like a wedding suit rural guy, how to look like the city people. In recent years, with Ma and Alibaba more and more successful, also with the people around feel of traditional online shopping, Taobao store business impact, feel it to run to change our traditional way of life of the silent. This didn’t make me much to his attention a little, is the social progress, the electricity supplier you do not, others will do, the advantages of the Internet is far not developed yet, do you dare not say all the best. Until this year, Ma announced no longer when CEO, at the same time, TV and Internet broadcast a video Ma young Hangzhou TV station: I see 1995 Ma, riding a bicycle, shouted in theft covers behavior after being interviewed on television. At that time my heart is hot, seen too many so-called successful experiences, they are personal success stories, in addition to the ordinary people envy, and not too many people moved. If Ma did not today this achievement, I still like this video will be moved, he is a civilian hero, he has iron shoulders moral smell, is true and innate, is now some people get rich Ci Shanxiu can not be compared. This video is closer to me and his distance, because at that time, is the time in the summer of 95, 20 years old, I have done the same thing: one night later, riding a bicycle to go in the dark on the road, the front spread panic shouting men and women unbridled laughter. Is a group of hooligans riding a bike is also flirting with women. I looked around and there was no one who could stand up, not the heart beat, blood up. I slowly followed behind, suddenly accelerated chouzhunshiji feet against the hooligans, the bike suddenly swept across the past. Behind the car rolled over the sound and a bawl, I flew pedaling fierce run, run into my area, with ripe terrain where seven turn back home. I watched the hooligans angrily shouting in the village looking for my time on my balcony, the heart is still the "bang" jump, write this text heart like the original jump. Oh, I am not strong, will not fight. My brother see my panic, after asking why, the morning of the second day to find an iron pipe rack on the bicycle tap water to escort me to work. In fact, he did not know, I quietly in the army destroyed across the handlebar hidden in the kitchen knife. Sure enough, for a few days, the group of hooligans in me

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