Flow bonus period is no longer after the electricity supplier era electricity supplier into what

electricity supplier appears to accelerate the profound changes in the Internet for the lives of ordinary people, especially in terms of consumption. Therefore, when we talk about the Internet, a lot of time to talk about the electricity supplier.

now, with ALI, Jingdong, vip.com, foreign terminals, such as various types, the birth of various forms of electronic business platform and gradually formed their own climate, electricity providers ushered in a new stage of transformation and upgrading. The introduction of a variety of new concepts, the emergence of a variety of micro innovation, are marked by the arrival of an era of electricity supplier.

three stages of the development of electricity providers


electricity supplier 1.0

electricity supplier era

clearly remember, in an ant gold service held on the O2O training class, the lecturer from Ali answered the question of an audience. The audience said he opened a Taobao shop is not doing well, what is the way to enhance efficiency. When the confirmation did not reach the crown level, the instructor advised the friend to shut the shop, because there are not many opportunities.


by Taobao shop, many stores enjoy a lot of bonuses. But with the rising cost of traffic, without a certain brand awareness and low cost flow import, a scratch shop can not achieve the grass root counter attack, flow into the end of the era of electricity providers.

electricity supplier is a typical feature of the 1 era of electricity providers. Electricity trading is more on the conversion of the flow, and combined with the electronic platform to help achieve an efficient circulation of goods, the final dividend flow pledge in the early days of the Internet era, Ali created the Taobao legend.

flow electricity supplier probably experienced two stages:

first stage: integrated platform

this stage was born C2C Taobao platform, B2C Jingdong platform and Tmall platform. With Taobao (large integrated), Jingdong (home appliance integrated cut into the whole category) two leading position of the integrated platform to determine the development of other integrated platform has been difficult, so the flow of electricity providers into the second phase.

second phase: vertical subdivision platform

in such a stage, the birth of the sale of vip.com, mainly female products to the dream bazaar, from the platform to the subdivision platform, traffic business in continuous evolution.

at the same time, in another dimension, the flow of electricity providers have also experienced a number of relatively special stage. Such as micro business stage, the use of social tools to conduct electricity supplier. With the improvement of the degree of opening up and the upgrading of consumer demand, cross-border electricity supplier as a reversal of the flow of electricity supplier overseas form, but also in the continuous development.

electricity supplier 2.0

community electricity supplier era

so-called community electricity supplier, mainly refers to the community based on user groups and scenarios (online and line below)

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