Korean clothes homes listed Li Bingbing Huang Xiaoming earn more than doubled in the past

July 29th news, Han Yi homes today officially approved the new three board, Amoy brand listed first shares.

billion state power network, according to the prospectus disclosure, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Ren Quanjun appeared Han clothing major shareholder, holds 0.5438%, 0.5438% and 0.3955% of the shares.


Han Yi homes existing shareholders holdings

According to

2014, billion state power network to understand, Quan Ren, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming funded the establishment of the joint venture capital institutions StarVC star, the first investment project is starry. STAR VC has invested in the second shot, such as 360 Internet projects. In March of this year, STAR VC announced the stake in CG animation company daily vision, has been listed three new board". At the end of April, STAR VC has announced plans to invest the deep learning enterprise technology (Sense, Time), began the layout of artificial intelligence field.

Quan Ren is one of the most watched Star investors in recent years, was rated as the most promising investment star. "The investment holdings Li Bingbing had just in exchange for her investment in the Limited by Share Ltd (600715.SH)" bell. It is understood that Li Bingbing holds a total of the investment holdings of 3 million shares, with today’s closing price of 42.15 yuan for the calculation, the book holding the shares of a profit of $107 million.

and the president handed the Yellow Sect, in addition to participating in StarVC, also founded the independent Scarlett capital around the pan Entertainment Investment Company – ming. It is understood that the Minca capital co founded by Huang Xiaoming and senior investment management consultant Zhang Xiaoting, focus on investment and consumption upgrade industry, FMCG industry, pan entertainment industry investment institutions, the Senate voted fitness fitness, Manicure hot application service InNail project.

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