Taobao battles off what we need to do is to beat yourself

picking up Taobao is the latest thing. Prior to the publication of an article, describes the use of their own space to do the business of Taobao customers, is to open their own official head. About Taobao off, I do not want to say, we all know that this is a form of what wangzhuan. For it, we should not pay too much attention to traffic, but should pay close attention to the user quality and conversion rate. After all we do is to guide, to what kind of person is directly related to the success of the transaction.

In fact,

before doing over a period of time Taobao customers, was the most simple single page website, relatively simple, the content and the hair of the chain also don’t often rely on in various forums, Post Bar to stay outside the chain, every day can play is so traded one or two pen, it is his work I made some calls. Of course it was 3 years ago, now it seems that if using this means waiting to drink the northwest wind.

wrote the article last time, there are a lot of friends sent to verify the experience of trying to get a friend to learn. In fact, I am also in the learning process, we help each other, I am not communication, Daniel, but I figured it out, will share to you, after all I know as grassroots we live is not easy. Of course, today don’t write articles to explain the recent operation in practices, because they still doing but not to earn money, so the time is ripe to share to you, would like to share their own in the past few years, settling down on the idea of Taobao off today.

Taobao passenger has now been a lot of people give up, QQ group, there are a number of chiefs bluntly that their income is much worse than last year. For what they say and I believe, believe, because throughout the industry form, indeed affected by too many restrictions, whether official or Ali Baidu for Taobao to block the site, and even user growth, Taobao off days are not too easy. But I would like to be a guide to the nature of the industry, in the face of Taobao, Tmall volume of this platform, Taobao customers will not completely lost the meaning of existence. The reason why the chiefs have remediation of this industry, because the industry needs purification, need to reflect the value of. As Ali launched Taobao off the original intention, in order to allow more small sellers have the chance of exposure or make some hot selling products to maximize sales, but if you just link rough handed to others, or to earn commissions and get the chain transformation, then everything is meaningless.

therefore, the official fight and limit how much it makes sense, but it is not so easy to make money, but simply that the industry is not saved, certainly not.

actually said this, some friends will think that since you say Taobao customers can do, so I do not is will make money? The answer is not negative, if you can really stick to it, with superior execution, and with wisdom, then you must make money, and I can be very responsible say to you. Most of the time, we have to operate any project, there will be a lot of difficulties ahead,

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