Hotel management software can not find a dongle how to do


often has a lot of hotel managers will encounter various problems in the process of using the software, although many software developers have to provide intimate customer service service, but sometimes some small faults, software vendors on-site service for at least half an hour. As a hotel staff, in the operation of the hotel management software, encountered some small problems, if you can solve it yourself is the best.

in the use of hotel management software, a small hotel staff is the most commonly encountered, open the software that did not find the corresponding dog "? Part of the hotel staff without computer experience, not familiar with the software of

, how to solve?

Tengyun hotel management software engineer said: many hotels often encounter this problem, generally can solve the problem of hotel staff. First check whether your dongle is plugged into the computer, the software installation directory below the TYServer (or the desktop encryption no service) is open. If these steps you have done, or did not find the corresponding encryption dog, please contact the software agents or software companies to solve problems in a timely manner.

on encryption dog

encryption dog that is a kind of encryption lock, is inserted in the computer parallel port on the combination of hardware and software encryption products (new encryption lock also has a USB port). Software vendors can set up multiple software locks in the software, the use of encryption locks as the key to open the lock; if you do not insert the encryption lock or encryption lock does not correspond, the software will not be able to perform.

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