ntelligent hardware Qi dispatched 360 mall with you Carnival Halloween

this Halloween, a few years ago in China is a small minority of the "foreign festival", is already well-known urban white-collar workers are being playing bad". On this day, the major businesses will be hung at the entrance of the pumpkin lights, ghost masks, while celebrating the holiday side to do Halloween promotion. Today, this ghost wind blew on the Internet, a lot of electronic business platform have played the idea of halloween. It is reported that from October 29th to 31, the mall opened in the three days of time called TA to trick Halloween shopping spree, the big promotional activities of the.

(360 mall http://s.mall.360.com/activity/wanshengjie? From_lb1)

the 360 mall open activities were presented in three different types of activities, whether it is Slide Show courteous, polite rank order amount or fight the speed of panic buying gift, the final aim is to at the same time, consumers can then buy more interaction and participation. Of course, in addition to the limited edition can be obtained through the activities of the doll, more suitable for different people need the intelligent products out in force, waiting for the consumer panic buying stock on hand. It is worth mentioning that the event was canceled in the past only through the acquisition of the product to get the rules, and all the activities can participate in the purchase of goods can be purchased, very fit to play the carnival slogan.

Halloween special, 360 mall will be in accordance with the functions and attributes of the commodity, for different groups launched a different classification of the purchase of promotional.


in the classification of children essential baby, 360 children guards and 3 children guards the Yangtze River 7 limited edition both played Maijiu policy, consumers to buy the product in the baby at the same time, there are opportunities to limited edition bag and a customized version of the Yangtze River seven spree for the children to win, even gifts, work in also very elegant.

If you

to brood on this section of panic buying, then the goods will make you forget. In selling a variety of 360 partitions, mall explosion products will open panic buying, whether for personal use or as a gift for good gift, advocate safety and many 360 intelligent hardware products are let you easily.


in addition to the above those intelligent products, 360 mall in the promotional activities, also launched a number of classic intelligent products for consumers to purchase demand, whether it is nuts, home theater, game peripherals or equipment, everything can not bring to home life a kind of feeling.

at the end of the article, Xiao Bian think, in many business platform to prepare for the double eleven war, 360 mall practice can be used to describe the not too observant of conventional standards., Halloween activities can end to a hi >

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