Key words Google did not tell you

      advertising industry has always been a difficult industry. Back to the old times print rule, advertising effect is always very difficult to measure. To the age of the Internet, banner advertising effect were also not necessarily easier. Of course, you can click the rate to determine, but the number of those who click on the number of effective clicks it?

      in order to solve these problems, Google keyword advertising (AdWords) came into being. The technology was launched in 2000, advertisers choose advertising keywords and phrases, when users use a keyword search, the search results page will appear with the keyword related advertising content. Key words advertising increases the transparency of online advertising. And there is no monthly minimum fee, advertisers only need to pay when the network users click on their ads. It sounds simple but also have a brilliant future.

      in reality otherwise.

      today, tens of thousands of enterprises to use the Google keyword advertising, but only Google fully understand the mystery. As we handle most cannot grasp that the risk here is that we can easily go, let things drift. Perhaps this laissez faire manner for keyword advertising: Recently, a survey conducted by the Softletter magazine, 40% independent software vendors that keyword advertising is their most important marketing channel — 80% companies said they spend each month in the management of its accounts for less than a day.

      shouldn’t these advertisers better understand how their marketing budgets are spent?


facts and Fallacies

      the basic principle of keyword advertising is: it provides advertisers with an opportunity to purchase and search results and related third party sites adjacent to the ad. Just as many people in the field of network marketing know, when the network users with a host of products related to keyword search, advertisers may get a chance to show their advertising. This is a powerful marketing approach, because as an advertiser, you are presenting ads to users who may be able to solve their problems.

      here are some important assumptions about how keyword advertising works:

     . If you offer other advertisers, then your ad will be ranked in the search results page is on the position.


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