Dig selling point what is not important how important it is to express

One of the most important issues of

electricity supplier website is to tap the selling point, you have to find a lot of customers to buy your products. Some people think that the excavation of the selling point is very simple, some people find it difficult. My feeling is: beginners feel very simple, the more familiar with the product more difficult.

this seemingly contradictory words, in fact, contains some truth.

novice selling points generally feel very easy. In their logic, some of the main features of the product to tell consumers can be simple. At first thought is very simple, as long as the product of a little understanding can be written, even copied on the packaging can be introduced, there is a reference to similar products selling.

this is not difficult, the food on the nutrition and delicious, furniture supplies to write warm and comfortable, clothes to write popular generous, electronic products to write new high profile, etc.. These are very common vocabulary, placed in front of the selling points. But as I write, you will find yourself slowly are visual fatigue, or write to write to those, but also with a number of peer comparison, that we all like ah, like brothers and sisters of the same parents, because we dug out the most selling points are the same.

this is a phenomenon, but also a tragedy, of course, is an opportunity.

more than 80% of the world is destined to become a general, only less than 20% things will stand out. No matter what the industry, do well are so few, only the other pad under Pyramid hold that leader. To stand out, we must first dare to get rid of public thinking, and strive to be unique.

blindly imitate and follow the trend, is destined to become followers, never break out of their own piece of heaven and earth. Some people say that the electricity supplier Taobao Tmall Chinese is in power, but is not afraid of Taobao Tmall, they are in front of the public electricity supplier menacing, still adhere to the self, their customers, is also quite loyal.

an electricity supplier website to grasp the selling point, often reflects the soul of this site, which is a lifeline for vertical electricity supplier. For example, a food business website, you can persist to emphasize product nutritious and delicious, your taste, health and safety, but if your site is covered with such a label, not many people will remember you, because we all think so, including your peers.


body is empty stool, advertisement, have lost the value of life, and even have been reduced to spam. Stick to the scalp to promote your own attractive selling point, there is no interactive color of advertising, the consumer is not respected.

so, your advertising language, you give the customer to buy the reason, to write to the customer’s heart, directly to their point of itch and pain points. Selling point is so much, is essentially a few, eventually, but here the need to consider the status quo. The same selling point, different, there will be completely different

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