Cross border milk powder can not be sold in October 1st Babe network not necessarily

Yesterday (August 23rd)

news, recently, two copies of supporting documents of China’s infant formula registration is formally issued, the supervision of imported milk powder measures once again become the focus of cross-border electricity industry hot.


is reported that the new deal will be implemented in October 1, 2016, which caused a lot of cross-border electricity supplier practitioners panic. It is understood that, from October 1st onwards, the import of infant milk powder through cross-border electricity supplier will also be subject to supervision, does not comply with the relevant provisions of the product will not be able to enter. Some media even said that after the implementation of the new deal, the market is expected to have 1400 milk powder brands disappear.


in April 13th this year, the Ministry of Finance released its "cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods list" mentioned in the supplement, from January 1, 2018 onwards, through the cross-border electricity supplier of imported infant formula milk powder must obtain a certificate of registration in accordance with the law the product formula. So, cross-border electricity supplier imports of infant milk powder, in the end need to be subject to supervision from it?


in this regard, the relevant person in charge and Babe network maternal home to billion state power network said that in October 1, 2016 the implementation of new milk, should be regulated by general trade import infant formula. And through cross-border electricity supplier imports of milk in the end how to regulate, but also to wait until the end of the transition period after the new deal to know.

According to

billion state power network to understand, all in the Chinese milk deal sales of infant formula milk powder formula must be registered, and submit the report including product development and R & D capability report and prove scientific formula and safety report 10 project application documents. While imports of milk powder will require additional evidence submitted materials including the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments issued the import of infant formula milk powder production enterprises registered outside the 3 proof materials more stringent requirements.

and the implementation of infant formula milk powder standards, system requirements and requirements are the world’s most stringent, most imported milk powder can not meet the national standard. Many sales of imported milk powder practitioners worry that once the new deal began, a large number of foreign milk powder will not be imported, a serious blow to the imported milk powder market.

insiders said that even if the cross-border imports of infant milk powder in October 1st this year, escaped, and ultimately difficult to avoid regulation. Overseas direct mail is a solution, but has never been able to scale and normalization. Overseas milk powder brand will be a package of original products shipped to the domestic market can be sold and occupy a large share of the market, I am afraid it is difficult to continue.

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