Talk about the business of tickets during the Spring Festival


Although the author has successfully

home by car to go home, so with busy home people crowded train, but also always concerned about the tickets during the spring festival. I remember in the first three years in Shanghai, the home is to choose to take the train, then it is for a period of three years to buy train tickets overnight. In fact, the south train ticket is better to buy, but then there is no diversion, we all crowded together to buy train tickets. I sometimes think, is not the Ministry of Railways to promote people’s livelihood interaction, specially arranged this spring to buy tickets, send a gift for the annual Spring Festival? Because there are always people in the railway spring festival, this scene will always appear in the Spring Festival Gala on the thirty. If one day the leader of the railway ministry Comrades, on the night of thirty years, will train with the masses celebrated the new year together? These aside not talk about, today I want to talk about the business of tickets during the spring festival.

on the road of business travel ticket, we first from the Ministry of railways under the ticket website about 12306. 2011 is indeed an extraordinary year, perhaps 2012 to come. Network ticket at the end of 2011 is also called to come, although it is the speed of the ticket helpless, but the site has not been affected by the speed rankings. The site is like a night to take off like a rocket, from silent nameless website soared to the nation’s top ten electricity supplier ranks. This can be incorporated into the Ministry of Railways in 2011 the valiant record in history. It is the traditional site is 2012, shunt performance, hope not to let people go home station ticket insane again. 2011 network no time to deal with, let it in the past, but if the next is still the same gourd painting, then it will not come home to refuse to take the train scene appeared


regardless of the plight of the network is now buying tickets for the wrong, who stood out bravely assumed is not important, after all, those who can not afford to buy tickets to go home migrant workers. After a year, finally to buy tickets to go home, this is how a cup of things. Meet suck website, let migrant workers completely heartbroken. Is a complex network ticketing program, let migrant workers helpless illiterate, also let them go by unscrupulous businessmen cheat embarrassed. There is a turtle like speed, so that migrant workers do not have to go with the trend, but also to allow them to be buried in the heart of the network shadow, perhaps 2012 network coverage will appear stagnant scene. The official website was paralyzed, but the illegal site is a smile, what grab software like a spring, and let the innocent home to buy a large army injured. Old saying tells us that the first business to be honest. Why today, some also ill-gotten gains allow electricity providers who have to follow? Stone on their own feet, multi line is bad. To do business integrity, need a good man. In short, the best thing to do empathy, the electricity supplier on the road must consider this, do not do it? Even a little bit of public morality is not, how to match people. It may be serious, but I only write like this, I think Mr. Lu Xun.

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