Ma billion dollar layout Chengdu play is the leader strategy

in Chinese business history, Ma is an exception. Whether he discovered the Internet long tail phenomenon, the wise choice for small and medium enterprises, and create a brilliant today, or his layout of the development strategy of Chengdu.

lead the domestic e-commerce industry, the Internet giant Alibaba has locked Chengdu as the first choice for its next strategic development. In July 21st, the Alibaba western base project investment cooperation agreement signed in Chengdu hi tech Zone, which will be the first stop in the layout of China’s Alibaba group in the city (outside the headquarters). The $100 million total investment scale, making it one of the largest investment project in Sichuan so far the Internet industry to attract, refresh before another domestic Internet giant Tencent in Chengdu R & D center construction investment record of 550 million yuan. The base covers the entire business scope of Alibaba group, with all the functions of independent operation. Ma promised, all of the group’s subsidiaries, including Alibaba,, Ali software, Alipay, YAHOO reputation, will be in the framework of investment in Chengdu and docking.

in the financial crisis, the Alibaba had been focused on the overseas layout, including Europe, the United States, India, Japan and other places have investment, originally did not intend to invest in the West so soon. Ma Yun said, according to the company’s expected, estimated or even the second half of next year to start in the West investment layout, included in the priority is Guangdong, Shanghai and Northern Chengdu, even if the investment is tens of millions, "however, the local government, and moved by the enthusiasm of the Alibaba, make the investment time much earlier than expected


in fact, Alibaba invested $one hundred million to build a new Alibaba in Chengdu, is undoubtedly the need to expand the total demand, play is the leader’s strategy.

The overall environment of the

market, the East River area of small and medium-sized enterprises is the Alibaba’s traditional camp, in the short term is difficult to have a big growth; it should be looking for more new products, while the west is undoubtedly one of the best places to develop new customers. The western economic outlook, we can see it from a series of well-known enterprises investment and industrial layout, the west is the development of the western United States as by the parties sought after, and as the leader of Chengdu, naturally become an important piece of the enterprise layout. The same is true for the Alibaba, and Western Small and medium-sized enterprises, whether foreign trade or domestic trade is a big market, Chengdu is undoubtedly the focus of investment, expanding the total market of the coup, maintain the leader position. In order to maintain the leader position, the Alibaba must continue to expand the total market, set up trade barriers, to play the Internet "aggregation effect", and provide more innovative services to their customers, and strive to maximize the profit of individual customers.

Ma Yun is such a business leader with the miracle of the impact of people’s eyes.

Ma Yun, a former college English teacher, a fine man in Hangzhou, finally completed a generous, he is not in.

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