Analysis of the errors of traditional enterprises turning to e commerce


e-commerce annual turnover of more than 100 billion, and each year to tens of percent growth rate, with 90, 00 has gradually become the main force of the consumer, we have reason to believe that e-commerce market will be more than ten times now, e-commerce has become more visible for many the traditional enterprise more attractive, so many traditional companies began to develop their own e-commerce, but many companies turn is not gorgeous, but after ending, this is because these companies do touch the good electronic commerce minefield, here we have to do a simple introduction of


: don’t know to their site location, don’t see a lot of companies are rich and powerful, but any rich boss, if the business website is no good business mind, most of the money is not enough investment, so many companies in the electronic commerce, the target is too high, want to become one the next Taobao, the next Dangdang, which is not very practical, is very significant for the Matthew effect on the network, all good will become better and better, if you arrive, if you don’t work hard, no foothold, but will lose all, do so for the first time the electronic commerce is a good location let oneself can, on the Internet the foot is the most important


two: do not know the website operation management, many enterprises especially private enterprises are family type operation, not love power, if it is applied to the Internet, it is obviously impractical, because many business owners basically e-commerce on the Internet is not very understanding, only things will be on their own the traditional operation has the very deep attainments, if you take these things to the Internet often encounter many problems, and even put a good scheme as a pile of paper, thus losing a major development opportunity, so for the operation of the electronic commerce enterprise website, although it looks a financial support, but often can not get good use of


three: funds reluctant to spend, as I said, the enterprise looks than individuals willing to invest, but in fact, often more reluctant than personal investment, because the enterprise website love bigger whole, function more, so the corresponding human resources should also have the corresponding input, cost will be high otherwise, you will draw further apart the original design and operation of the way you now, so when we are running the site will feel difficult, you know, now the e-commerce market is very huge, and many sites are in the division of power, if there is not enough investment, how can you share in this market share ah! In fact, reluctant to invest with the owner of the understanding of the Internet is relatively shallow, so as a site director of operations necessary and good for the boss Communication, of course, also give the boss to see the results of the site every month, only to allow the boss to make up his mind, or else there will be thunder and rain little dilemma!

four: how many sites look flashy without substance, the shelf is full, the corresponding operation team is very strong, but this.

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