WeChat hand Q for Jingdong 11 to provide a level entrance penguin to the dog’s last chance

Abstract: the Jingdong has finally released their 11 double strategy, after Beijing Teng plan, Penguin again firmly with the dog standing together: to provide mobile phone QQ and WeChat for the entrance of a double 11 Jingdong, of course, is not only a big move together, then the problem, which is the Tencent to the Jingdong the last time? In 11, Teng Beijing will continue to



Jingdong start dual 11 strategy

after Ali, Jingdong also showed the double 11’s own strategy.

and Jingdong for conference held in abnormal excitement, the protagonist is a conference table Jingdong executives, is under the manufacturer’s representative. The conference is more like a swearing, give yourself also to partners extremely excited.

Jingdong strategy highlights, the mall four division president of Jingdong mall 3C division president Wang Xiaosong, the Jingdong mall home appliances division president Yan Xiaobing, Jingdong mall consumer products division president Feng Yi, the Jingdong Home Furnishing mall apparel division president Xin Lijun, playing together, showing the various categories of big promotion theme. Jingdong this emphasis on the quality of the key words – there is quality, in order to cool the purchase of 11 days, which is the main theme of the recent Jingdong TV advertising push.

from Ali to Jingdong, and the Bureau intends to enter the next line of business, competitive posture has been unable to stop.

Jingdong declared: to engage in a tricky, not the catwalk

In July this year,

airborne Jingdong executives before Xiong Qingyun became the double cleaning 11 marketing trader. Jingdong and Tencent depth cooperation has become the main focus of this year’s 11 double Jingdong strategy.

since the Tencent and Jingdong strategic cooperation alliance concluded, we guess whether Tencent will give Jingdong in the entrance of WeChat and QQ on the phone, but did not realize the speculation. This time, Tencent announced the details of the important resources to support Jingdong:

level entrance: mobile phone QQ and WeChat, and there will be red dot tips

shopping closed loop: the user clicks on the entrance will be directly into the Jingdong 11 double active page, and the use of WeChat to achieve the closed loop

from the beginning of November 1st, Jingdong joint 38 brands debut WeChat circle of friends advertising, and combined with collar coupons and red envelopes and other new circle of advertising

teamed Tencent to build the largest pool of network traffic

in addition to the strong support of Tencent, the Jingdong’s 11 double elongated activity period, known as the cool buy for 11 days, the event from November 1st to open, and once again stressed the advantages of Jingdong in warehousing and distribution.

Although the

in an interview after the meeting bears Qingyun and not too much evaluation opponent, but in the conference we hear not tricky, not the catwalk "such a meaningful statement.

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