SAC shop will be a comprehensive survey of the identity of the seller

today, the "Interim Measures for the administration of online commodity trading and related services". Measures to regulate the conduct of online commodity trading and related services in the territory of the network operators and network service operators. According to the provisions of the law, through the network engaged in commodity trading and related services to the natural person, the need to provide services to the network trading platform operators to submit applications, such as the name and address of the true identity information. This means that the online shop officially began to enter the real name system era.

(reporter Liao Ailing) today, the online shop will be formally implemented the real name system". The State Administration for Industry and Commerce yesterday in the official website issued guidance on the implementation of said network transactions supervision key lock network trading platform, will carry out a comprehensive survey of the main network operators, shop identity verification.

key trading platform real name authentication seller

"Interim Measures for the administration of online commodity trading and related services" is China’s first administrative regulation to regulate online commodity trading and related services. July 1st formally implemented.


Administration for Industry and Commerce in the guidance that online trading platform is a network of goods and services centralized trading places and spaces, "is the first responsible person, bear management responsibility", therefore the business will focus on locking the network trading platform influence range, high frequency trading.


network platform, to the seller’s shop business qualification review, registration, publicity, establish transaction security, consumer protection, poor information processing system, at the same time on the Internet allegedly infringing goods take measures shall not be condoned and selling etc..

in addition, after the formal implementation of the new rules of the network transaction, the industry and Commerce will carry out a comprehensive survey of network operators, focusing on the number of online trading platform to determine the number, size, etc.. Do a good job in the construction of the building and the electronic database, and the establishment of the main business network economic accounts, the implementation of credit classification supervision.

network transactions will be the national network monitoring

administration also said that due to the network transactions without geographical restrictions, in the past to the territorial jurisdiction, jurisdiction of regulation can not fully meet the requirements of network transactions, so the regulation of online transactions to be integrated national network monitoring. At present, the administration is studying the unified organization of development of network supervision information system and platform, and strive after 3 years, the network supervision information system to establish a national integrated, unified and complete functions, vertical linkage and platform, to achieve the network management network".


Whether the "tax"

shop real name system?

a lot of individual sellers, said the implementation of the real name system is not afraid of them, but also very supportive, but they worry that the real name system may be a tax prelude, there are many similar online speculation.

"once taxed shop will lose the advantage of low threshold, low cost, opened a clothing store in South Korea online Ms. Han said that he is free in the online shop.

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