Suning O2O seeking War from the line to the next line

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

in June, the electricity supplier industry and set off a commonplace talk of an old scholar "price war". This time, Suning will burn from the line to the next line.

Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong announced that, in recent years the rapid development of the electricity supplier, which has a great impact on the retail entity. The traditional retail Internet assimilation is represent the general trend of O2O fusion will be the retail entity, the only way which must be passed of retail restructuring double the same price is only open the door to the key retail O2O.

the beginning of June 8th, all the country stores, Suning Tesco official store of goods will be achieved with the price of the same product with This is the first large retailers to fully implement the line under the same price, this may make Suning get rid of each stroke of the right hand of embarrassment.

in accordance with Suning’s vision, the main function of the next line is the drainage, orders and payments, stores will be the main carrier services and experience features, and even mobile devices can be achieved unattended shopping environment. Suning will fully transition to the Internet retail, not just the integration of physical stores and virtual stores, but from the underlying structure and business model to achieve the transformation of Internet Co.

analysts told the "daily economic news" reporter said, this is the largest Tesco online, Suning will affect the reform movement, although in the short-term profit, but it can get rid of the shackles, officially entered the "store" era.

two-line test O2O

As early as last year, "

8· during the 18 electricity supplier price war, Suning in Beijing with 3C category as a breakthrough, the pilot line under the same price. The test the water, making Suning in terms of overall sales growth reached 4 ~ 5 times.

The monitoring data of

in Chinese e-commerce research center in 2012, with 3.6% share ranked third in the IT industry, the law of survival of the three tickets, which belongs to the extremely sensitive position.

in order to break out from the electricity supplier war stalemate seating, Suning has finally relentless determination to the online price strategy implemented across the country.

in the "6· 18 electricity supplier in World War II, as a representative of the traditional retail market, Suning to build offline and online interactive mode to" O2O "position.

yesterday (June 17th), "daily economic news" reporter saw in Shanghai Suning stores in Yangpu have posted a notice at the entrance to a prominent position, expressed online and offline price. Compared with the old deserted, even in working days, popularity is much higher than in the past.


site of a sales staff told reporters, after the line on the same price, customers come to buy at least one times more than ever. "We want to focus on’s internal real-time login system price, if the online price changes, we should adjust, almost every day to adjust the price of three, and the line should always be consistent."

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