Online shopping rights difficult electricity supplier legislation will solve the fundamental problem

Ali after a while ago the door selling incident, regulate electricity supplier industry more and more attention by the industry, Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform has changed our way of shopping. Electricity supplier in the run, the retail industry have been very careful, such as the Beijing electronic market in Zhongguancun has been on the verge of collapse. In the Taobao platform, there are countless shops, these shops do not need to pay taxes, not rent and utilities, etc., so you can save a lot of cost. Of course, as the sale of similar products in the store, the cost is much higher, so the price war certainly beat the electricity supplier. But online shopping also has a variety of drawbacks, such as: after the purchase of rights is very difficult.


Taobao fakes accounted for 60%, while customer service service is the most headache part of the electricity supplier, cite a common example: a user to buy a piece of clothing in Taobao, after receipt of the goods found to have serious damage to clothes. In accordance with the truth, it should be paid by the owner or courier company Taobao, but the actual situation is very troublesome, it may be that these two parties will kick each other. And usually courier home delivery, requiring the first signature and then acceptance, in fact, reversed the order. So if there is any problem in the package of goods, then courier companies can shirk responsibility. Online shopping rights is not a matter of two days a day thing, in fact, it has great impact on the credibility of the electronic business platform.

A large number of fake Taobao

has long been an open secret, but this was exposed, the electricity supplier more influence on our life and therefore need to make corresponding laws or regulations. Otherwise, the electricity supplier and selling will continue, fake is not only harmful to consumers, at the same time for genuine shops is also a great impact. Strictly speaking, this is not fair competition order, Taobao online fakes flooding, but Taobao official crackdown relatively low efficiency, blindly sloganeering is no sense of what. If the electricity supplier play or a moral category. The execution is difficult to ensure, so the future must be for the business legislation, so as to truly eradicate selling electricity supplier.

Speaking of Taobao

selling events, I’m afraid Taobao official has inescapable responsibility, Taobao online to small sellers, selling the most participation in this group. But Taobao officials have long been open eyes closed one eye, and online shopping rights as well, the process involves many aspects of the transaction, that is, manufacturers, buyers, sellers, courier companies. Often the problem is out of the library, as well as manufacturers express company, in the process of delivery of parcels, many courier companies is completely dismantling profits. Items in this process is easy to damage, in fact, there should be a courier company is responsible for compensation, so the electricity supplier legislation must be included in this regard.

if the electricity supplier really can legislate, then the fate of Taobao is more tragic, it is certain that there will be a lot of small and medium-sized sellers. But for the entire electricity supplier industry, the legislation is to better regulate the industry. After the online shopping rights legislation becomes easier, therefore, for ordinary consumers, is indeed a good thing!

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