Love to buy O2O life electricity supplier customer service as the center

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, people shopping more convenient, intelligent. This also prompted people to o2o life electricity supplier platform user experience more demanding. Combined with the current community O2O, the status of community economic development love ding ding: O2O in the community life service system, the core entry point should be O20 2". In other words, the community is more O20 to the user experience as a heavy user service, business services based.

Internet O20 quietly rise, O2O life electricity supplier has become the people’s lives all rely on. Love to buy local life shopping platform O2O + electricity supplier + community integration · · · · · · more perfect user experience

here we take love as an example, to see how it is the rapid rise of


1, full range, to meet consumer demand for life

is different with ordinary electricity supplier multi business model, multi point O2O is the main life business platform to catering and FMCG based, full range of goods, including fresh food, fast food, leisure food, grain and oil / milk / drink / wine, mother earth, personal care, household cleaning / paper. To meet the needs of the vast majority of the people in modern life.

point and service area of large supermarkets to carry out in-depth cooperation, build stable and strong commodity supply chain supermarket, not only contains all the goods, according to the data analysis by taking over the supply chain procurement of high-quality goods, to ensure the quality of goods, at the same time, to meet the demand of high-quality living groups of internet.

2, convenient, online shopping saves time

The emergence of

mobile phone shopping so that the number of urban population in the work at the same time also enjoy life, and gradually promote the development of intelligent lifestyle, mobile consumers will gradually become mainstream. In the fast pace of urban life, it is difficult for people to have plenty of leisure time to go shopping, shopping, ktv. Supermarket cashier long team, instantly intensified urban population wait anxiety disorders, more to provide consumers with a full range of full channel shopping, to meet people’s immediate or planned needs.

3, strengthen interaction, enhance the stickiness of consumers and businesses

integration of domestic large supermarket resources to high-quality services, convenient shopping, to meet the different consumer needs of consumers, so that consumers easily shopping, so there is more time to live.

Analysis of

data, multi platform 2/3 users for female users, 80 more users accounted for nearly 50%, and this part of the crowd is for career and family travel, more hope to add some color to their busy life, each month will organize more member day activities, such as membership free tasting, watch the dance horse activities, at the same time line will provide a variety of > for members

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