Double eleven electricity supplier logistics war to upgrade more than Dmall into the most dark horse

double eleven this year, Ali to the turnover of $120 billion 700 million will once again bring the electricity business into a new climax, while at the same time, the major electricity supplier logistics system is also once again to meet the limit peak challenge.

in the electricity supplier gangster Tmall and Jingdong have invested heavily to build a super electricity supplier in the field, more to the "2 hour service" service, 94.49% tuotou rate to become the fastest this war without fire in a dark horse. As a new electric power was founded less than two years, more speed is to exercise the


multipoint speed redefined dual eleven

in the popular logistics war, more to highlight the advantages of light weight, the siege warehousing services, with dual eleven day (as of 15) 94.49% tuotou rate become the fastest horse horse business.

in a forum on the double eleven sun single activity, a netizen drying out within the next 2 hours to get more orders caused many concerns. In fact, as the integration of online and offline channels under the retail platform, has been insisting on 2 hours of service.

CEO Lin Jie, more than a year since its establishment, made multiple efforts to improve the efficiency of distribution points, there are self built logistics and third party logistics cooperation and the use of idle time distribution Wumart employees in three ways. Data show that more about 50% single volume is own courier delivery, about 30% to third party courier companies, the remaining 20% is the use of Wumart store employees.

in addition to accelerate the construction of distribution system, Lin Jie said, also through the development of multi point picking APP, set the explosive goods warehouse, picking with pre process standardization, the implementation of real-time monitoring and other measures to ensure the efficiency of stock picking and distribution, to achieve 2 hours of service quality service.

it is understood that, in order to meet the double eleven, multi point in October 25th to start a week of warm-up activities, saving a lot of popularity. "A little more for the double eleven done in advance of the distribution of preparation, at present in Beijing has more than hundred distribution points, timely and effective treatment of orders, to ensure 2 hour delivery service, good service is always more creed." Multiple insiders said.

is due to multi-point service 2 hours to solve the online shopping process for a long time to wait for this user pain points. Some users said that the use of multiple points, to solve the problem of working around the supermarket, you can buy an order before work, after work to pick up the goods, living a lot of convenience.

as of June 30, 2016, the number of users reached more than 6 million, of which more than 50% from Beijing, about 3 million 530 thousand people, of which more than 80 percent of female users, 80 is the main force. In addition to Beijing headquarters, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin is also a key point of the layout of the city.

multi-point model into the industry vane

this year’s double eleven competition, an obvious feature is that the electricity supplier giant dependence on the line significantly improved, >

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