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who said that the electricity supplier platform broadcast is to sell products? Who said that the electricity supplier must live mother please parenting Master will give you play? This is not the same: how to use the milk powder pot flower? How to do a roll of Halloween cake? How to calmly deal with the small postpartum weight loss, disease baby daily…… Convergence of many lifestyle experts and authoritative pediatrician, give you the good value of live – find everything fresh and new 5 anniversary, the domestic well-known electricity supplier maternal honey bud launched "life Master / expert doctor broadcast series", the time lasted from October 10th to 24. The broadcast, the content of the new design, breaking the single type of live electricity supplier in the past sellers will broadcast mode, the range of which content is more rich, better fit the demands of consumers.


experts get together live, you want to have this

of the anniversary live, is divided into two parts, one part is Master live: Honey bud respectively with Master Master platform, should be in place, home / hot fitness, flower +, love swallow vision, 58 Ma Yue fashion aesthetic Yuesao, and a number of authoritative platform and mechanism, jointly launched including baking and pediatric massage, delicacy bodybuilding, floral hall, parent-child photography, motherhood forum, beauty skin care and many other life live broadcasts covering daily life, many people are interested in the elements of mother. At the same time, live this "beautiful, practical" as the core, to break the single mode in the past business live and sales must be tightly bound, really play the essence of content marketing business, to attract consumers with high quality, really down to earth content.

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‘s life Master, the honey bud also invited Beijing united family rehabilitation hospital pharmacy director Ji Lianmei and other well-known medical experts, comprehensive measures, small problems in daily life to teach you to baby.

careful observation can be found, the content and business although seemingly irrelevant, but closely around the honey bud target group (maternal population) demands, and both scientific parenting and family life are connected, and tightly bound form, content innovation but the service population unchanged.

it is worth noting that, in this live, honey bud continue to play the advantages of integrated marketing in the past, and the United States and the United States and the United States shoot live broadcast live broadcast cooperation. In other words, in October 10th -10 month 24 days, all of these people live content, in addition to be able to see on the honey bud APP, you can also sync in the United States to shoot live entertainment and live on the audience watching. Among them, the United States took is opened a special "hot mom" new lecture area for the honey bud, let milf can more easily find all the live video.

which live temptation to you? Remember to watch

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honey bud this invitation to host, are Master senior industry, dedicated to you, it is absolutely real dry cargo:

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