Sales ten billion do not make money to explore the development of e commerce in China

there is an e-commerce company, started by a small Menlian Beijing Zhongguancun supermarkets in the SARS period in 2003 to start selling online, and business in the network than online business transactions much time, decided to close 12 stores, only focus on electronic commerce. In 2004, the company only 10 million of sales, in just a few years later, in 2009, sales soared to 4 billion, and this year, the company expects sales of up to $10 billion in the year to date. However, it is strange that the company almost spend money, do not make money. What kind of company is it? 10 billion of the sales are not profitable, then the money go? How about the prospects of such a company?

is the company’s Jingdong mall Liu Qiangdong, Liu Qiangdong estimates that this year’s sales can be between 10 billion 200 million to 10 billion. At the time of saying this, he is operating Jingdong mall is 24 hours non-stop, to increase the speed of the order of three seconds to deal with orders from all over the country. Last year, the Jingdong store reached 28% in B2C e-commerce market share, sit tight in the first chair, and ranked second and third, Dangdang sales, there is no more mall Jingdong.

6 years, from 10 million to 10 billion, Jingdong mall is how to create this miracle?

low price, low price, the lowest price, it is one of the key reasons Jingdong mall to maintain rapid growth. Jingdong opened mall ", next to each item reads" if you find a lower price than the Jingdong, welcomed the report ", and" low "," low price "," the special offer "this kind of words can be seen everywhere.

"will be carried out in the end" strategy, making the mall in the beginning of the opening of the Jingdong, in the absence of funds to advertise the premise, relying on consumer reputation, on the creation of 10% of the monthly growth miracle. It is such a new game rules to bring benefits to consumers at the same time, but also contributed to the Jingdong mall bigger and stronger. A sale is about to break 10 billion of the company, but still insist on not making money. Have a nickname "price butcher" to Liu Qiangdong for this nickname, Liu Qiangdong did not resist, and even some pride. Because Jingdong mall really do the cheap two words. Jingdong mall in the product can be so cheap why not sell 10 billion of the company to make money, what is the logic behind this business?

1, Jingdong can do so cheap?

, a model of lethality, for example: Gome Suning, 100 billion per year, stores, manpower;

(two, the scale of lethality, for example: the target customer base, the number of Internet users in the number of young people in, more online shopping.

(three, start a high starting point of the product.

2, what is the logic behind the low price strategy


(one, who master the consumer who)

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