Online shopping platform into a fake distribution center line up to 50%

number of consumers this report: C2C website to fake fake

sales continue to indulge

online shopping platform into a fake distribution center, the proportion of fake goods line in 30%~50%. This reporter recently received many consumer reports: many shopping sites not only positive impact, after receiving the report will only be returned to the seller of fake businesses, have the opportunity to continue selling and deceive consumers, and regulators has no clear legal punish.

fakes flooding in the network is an indisputable thing. In the case of Amway, the company was commissioned by the world famous third party inspection and appraisal institutions of the 49 shop of a well-known domestic large-scale online shopping site of purchase and sampling detection, results showed that 46% samples of counterfeit products. From the whole, the C2C site was once the total transaction volume of about 70% of its total transaction volume. Although some of the recent introduction of a large number of branded products, but the proportion of fakes is still more than 1/3.

most of the C2C online shopping platform for business and selling behavior "open one eye, one eye closed". The reporter also call the online shopping platform consumer hotline, these platforms will shirk, claiming that "in addition to law enforcement agencies, the right to detain the goods and to help consumers solve double compensation". In fact, the provisions of these network businesses simply unwilling to perform the "consumer protection law" or "food safety law", nor "double compensation" or "lost ten" rules, and online shopping platform promises "100 million yuan Xianxingpeifu" is basically a.

moreover, these sites also set up a cumbersome and interactive procedures. If you can not apply for a refund of the complaint; obviously there has been a trade dispute, reported the seller, the seller’s credit rating column is still displayed as no refund dispute over 360 days, more than 360 days without complaints".

third, the website will receive the fake still returned, the sellers have the opportunity to continue selling and deceive consumers. Consumers Miss Ho said consumers to get a refund, had to amend the refund agreement and according to the requirements to send back to the seller. "The seller can not continue to take this fake lie? If the seller refuses to admit selling website can not undertake processing results, he could have been selling?" Miss he said puzzled.

buy fake after: hand identification claims against the merchant scolded

days ago, consumers Miss Zhang told the reporter she fakes after the encounter. She bought a Amway Nutrilite calcium magnesium in some online shopping platform, she also chose a higher credit, price moderate, not ridiculously cheap sellers, to avoid fakes.

a few days after the goods arrived, Miss Zhang to open the packing bags, found the bottle is dirty, there are a lot of damage and stains, printing, pattern is also very fuzzy. Miss Zhang suspected of buying fake, then asked a friend to Amway Corp identification, identification results: "the number does not exist, my company has never produced the product", is indeed a fake. So, Miss Cheung asked to return, and asked the seller in accordance with the

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