Shopping guide website adds changes to help buy and beautiful 5 said cooperation

news July 14th, shopping search portal to help buy 5 announced a cooperation agreement with beautiful women fashion shopping largest e-commerce platform, to provide a better shopping experience for consumers. It is understood that the beautiful high-quality product information said it would be open to help buy 5, after the cooperation users can help buy 5 related goods directly browse and buy Beauty said, consumers will not only convenient access to the latest fashion, beauty and other female exclusive collocation and product information, online shopping experience will become more convenient; in addition, the cooperation also enables a more powerful user coverage, enhance the influence of both platforms.

5 to help buy founder and CEO Yin Rujie said, 5 to help buy as an independent shopping search portal, is committed to helping consumers to buy what Chinese " " " where to buy " problems, provide an objective comparison shopping search service for the user, can stop inquiry China mainstream electricity supplier website the price of goods, and user comments and so on, to solve the problem of parity multi network users to enhance the consumer’s shopping experience. That is very good Chinese beautiful women fashion vertical electric business platform, has rich experience in business services and super high quality women’s fashion goods, said cooperation and beauty, will help us to improve the quality of content, better service to consumers China.

as the largest women beautiful fashion shopping e-commerce platform, is committed to providing the most popular fashion shopping experience for female users, November 2013, beautiful said the establishment of e-commerce trading platform, high-quality selection of thousands of sellers provide suppliers, ladies’ wear, shoes and handbags, accessories, beauty and other categories of high-quality fashion goods the user, the successful transition to the category of women’s fashion vertical electric business. As of May 2014, the United States said the mobile client installed capacity of more than 75 million, the amount of mobile phone orders over the long term PC orders, and maintain a high quality user stickiness. In addition, according to statistics, IOS users accounted for the overall proportion has more than 40% wireless, mobile phone TOP ranking list of Samsung Note Series in the top three, obviously gathered a large number of high-quality user.

industry experts believe that the 5 to help buy Beauty and say the same as the Chinese electricity supplier industry model innovation practitioners, the difference is: 5 to help buy through search technology to " price " provide help for consumers shopping, beauty is by female market segmentation, the establishment of an independent e-commerce trading platform and, through the team merchandise buyers popularity checks, to provide high-quality shopping experience for women. 5 to help buy and beautiful sites like say a similar cooperation will complement each other, realize the integration of search technology and vertical business platform, will give the entire vertical electricity supplier industry has brought great changes, will greatly improve the consumer shopping experience.

it is understood that the 5 to help buy the largest independent shopping search portal, under the worth buying, Amoy special offer overseas Museum, help 5 tours, group purchase, help panning, help finance vertical shopping search channel, has a collection of over.

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