Hangzhou electricity supplier disposal center specializes in shop brush single selling

"the goods have been down", you can not find the goods"…… Love online shopping, you may find that in the past year, the electricity supplier website is not only the situation in the case of goods on the increase; some of the electricity supplier is also sensitive to feel, want to brush single fraud is getting harder and harder.

this stems from the electricity supplier is not familiar with the disposal center. This mysterious organization frequently "online" activities are almost equal to anything of fake and shoddy goods, once it is at will, no escape.

Tmall cashmere cashmere sweater brand is 0

at the end of March last year, Yu Chenghua (a pseudonym) in Tmall’s flagship store in Tver bought a sweater. After arrival, he found that the poor clothes, hard work. He felt that he might buy a fake, while contact the seller to return, while playing a quality supervision complaint phone 12365.

early in the complaint before Yu Chenghua, the quality department in product quality risk monitoring has been noted that the Nigerian Tver flagship store, and launched an investigation.

through the network data collection, analysis, forensics, a product quality data package was sent to the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision.

in April 17th last year, the Hangzhou quality supervision of the Tver flagship store product manufacturer – Hangzhou Kai Lok Garments Co., Ltd. on-site inspection.


survey found on the Tmall platform, the flagship store in Tver actually not selling "Kai Lok" company produces cashmere knitted garments, the Tmall flagship store owner Lin Kai Lok did get the authorization, but he sold the cashmere sweater from Tongxiang into the goods market, then the private self stick, Tver Kai Lok brand and name site after posing as genuine.

The results of

also showed that, the flagship store sales model for cashmere knitted garment NT13088 detected cashmere content is 0.

Hangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has to Nigeria flagship store in Tver Lin and others suspected of fraudulent use of the site, sales of substandard products for investigation. 68 products involved were sealed, the store has also been punished for $23053.49.

"brush" may be blacklisted

a lot of people, Taobao, will look at the transaction volume and evaluation, to choose to buy. Therefore, there will be a seller brush".

brush, in fact, is a consumer behavior, we will focus on this phenomenon." Hangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau official said they were investigating the electricity supplier, not only for product quality, but also to verify other relevant data.


brought out the mud "case: last August, the quality supervision department of Suzhou Sunco Textile Co. Ltd., production and sales of suspected yijiachongzhen silk was investigated.

investigation, law enforcement officers found the Alibaba trading platform trading data of the company is 308, but the sales check details, billing records details after the discovery, the company to improve shop sales.

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