Shenzhen express company staff confirmed detained police work re delivery


Shenzhen "Jin Mo brownouts special focus on remediation actions.".

in March 21st this year, Shenzhen "Jin Mo brownouts" work started a new round of centralized rectification.

Shenzhen police announced the day before, since as of March 31st to carry out 10 days of action, seized a total of 17975 electric vehicles, detained 874 people (670 people detained undocumented, illegal soliciting for disturbing the public order of 196 people, violent resistance to law 8). The focus of the object of regulation, is still excessive electric (motor) tricycle and illegal operation of electric (motor) tricycle.

however, this to prevent electrical accidents involving friction involved, protect the motor vehicle to pass and vehicles of fair competition for the purpose of action, but on the Internet caused intense discussion, courier companies have said, because the vehicle delivery and send pieces can’t go to pieces, on the joint capacity from 80 thousand dropped to 1 more than the other. Some courier companies are said to be the police after work to send a courier.

at the same time, the operation, there are also due to the use of illegal electric vehicles by administrative detention.

A on the part of the amount of

Shenzhen business hall: a flexible connector from the 80 thousand drop to 10 thousand

April 1st, Yuantong express Shenzhen Longgang Jilong business hall director Ms. Yan told the WCC reporter, "Jin Mo brownouts" action on business hall effect "is very large".

"our average daily access to 80 thousand, now down to more than 10 thousand." She said, her business hall is a large business hall, light courier 110, courier vehicles is mainly electric (motor) tricycle, because such vehicles can not meet the Shenzhen traffic police department on the road electric (motor tricycle) standard (whole vehicle weight of more than 40kg, the maximum speed of more than 20km/ h, motor power is more than 240W), "Jin Mo brownouts" courier can catch up at 5 in the morning up at delivery, the traffic police will stop working after work. This phenomenon, the direct result of the day can not receive, courier business plummeted.

"one last night of our courier, 10 at night to ride a tricycle sending pieces were seized. Now our couriers are in the office to rest, do not dare to go out." She said, her own business hall, there are at least 7 couriers were seized, and most of the courier to buy electric cars, are on the outside of the standard, "receive a demand so large, low standards of electric vehicles, sending pieces of volume did not reach, can only send several packages at a time, certainly not".

STO Shenzhen manhole branch responsible person also said to the WCC reporter, this action for their great influence".

"we Shajing side, today (April 1st) began to strike, although there are a few days before the renovation, but they were not so strict. In order to avoid being seized, we.

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