Local private courier industry crisis continues to ferment CCES network paralysis


CCES LOGO on this horse galloping horse, now has been fitted with a yoke to gallop. Nandu Cartography: Song Xiaowei

, CCES flash from the flash marriage capital chain rupture, network paralysis endangered

when two American Express giant FedEx, UPS China is stepping on the threshold of the domestic market, Jingdong (micro-blog mall) when cross licensed National Express licence, but a series of local private courier companies into an unprecedented danger.

after the beginning of jibian stars fall behind, in July 2nd, Shanghai CCES Express Co. Ltd. (abbreviation: CCES) is the capital chain crisis exposed. According to CCES disclosed in a "official website released the latest account of apology", because of investor Xu Jianrong, the Jiang Xiaogen administration is not in accordance with the cooperation agreement to fulfill their commitments and pay the relevant fees in a timely manner, resulting in the company’s network in a semi paralyzed state".

July 2nd, hundreds of freight drivers, employees gathered in the headquarters of CCES trying to claim arrears. Nandu reporter was informed that, as of now, the head office has no office, the national toll free hotline to stop using only remind the lack of balance, individual employees of the area due to wage arrears and looting express parcels and office supplies. According to the spread of the industry, CCES’s current debt of up to 170 million yuan.

wage arrears triggered downtime

it is reported that from June onwards, CCES’s operating network has been abnormal. Its internal staff said, due to the CCES Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui and other employees owed more than 4 months of wages, since June 29th has been in a state of suspension, the entire operating network paralysis. In Zhejiang alone, the number of stacked courier items reached 6000.

on the afternoon of July 1st, impatient courier employees began to grab the package, to more than 9 in the evening, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, the total allocation of the central warehouse was looted. On the morning of July 2nd, hundreds of employees, freight drivers gathered in the CCES headquarters in Shanghai, a cable to the arrears. Guangdong’s CCES is still in operation, the normal operation of the network in the province, but sent to Shanghai, Zhejiang, we do not dare to send the goods, because the goods before there." CCES Guangzhou Baiyun District, a franchisee told reporters in Nandu.

Nandu reporter learned from relevant sources, Guangdong CCES Express Co. Ltd. by CCES Shanghai headquarters, Guangzhou branch of the original CCES and the new state logistics under a state express three party reorganization last year and. The new company, a state is a major shareholder, the operation is relatively independent, no capital chain and shut down business problems. Up to now, in addition to the Guangdong market, most of the CCES network has been semi paralyzed state.

big input small output difficult to profit

relative to the four pass one, CCES relatively unfamiliar. Nandu reporter survey

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