Q3 China B2C website Tmall active user number first

According to

"China released EnfoDesk enfodesk B2C online retail market quarterly monitoring report" data show that the third quarter of 2014, the third quarter of 2014, Chinese mainstream self B2C electricity supplier website conversion rate, conversion rate of dangdang.com reached 2.2%, continues to lead. Jingdong, Amazon China, No. 1 store conversion rate of two or three, the four.


electricity supplier conversion rate of many factors, including the number of online goods and brand appeal, user experience, logistics efficiency, customer service, customer behavior, etc.. EnfoDesk Analysys think tank analysts believe that dangdang.com conversion rate of leading the industry, the main reasons include:

(1) currently online sales of books in our country is relatively concentrated, consumer choice, less net price, consumers are also buying books on purpose, less sea Amoy on the Internet;

(2) Dangdang mainly engaged in non 3C products, customer price is relatively low, and low customer price of goods from the access to the single conversion rate is relatively high;

(3) after years of operation, dangdang.com accumulated a number of loyal consumers, these users of Dangdang brand awareness is high, high viscosity users also copied to the mother and other clothing, dangdang.com advantage category, enhance the overall conversion rate of dangdang.com.

according to Analysys think tank EnfoDesk B2C the number of active users of the mainstream monitoring shows that the third quarter of 2014, Tmall and Jingdong continues to lead the 103 million reaches 38 million 600 thousand and the number of active users respectively. Vip.com and Dangdang third, four.

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