1 store alternative infiltration line to do the line under the two or three distribution

news November 5th, billion state power network has learned, shop No. 1 is currently by extending the line distributor way to do a pile of double-edged sword: on the one hand to expand the business volume of imported direct mining; on the other hand, the channel sink, covering the two or three line of the city.

Shop No. 1 according to the relevant responsible person said, shop No. 1 began to try the line distribution from the second half of this year, the main category is the import of goods taken straight. It is worth noting that, shop No. 1 distributors focus is the choice of chain stores in the two or three line of the city, such as Shanxi meetall chain supermarket (mainly in Taiyuan, Datong City).


has the ability to sink the area, the monthly purchase amount is not less than 100 thousand, which is the number of stores under the choice of the main line of the two major standards of the shop No. 1. According to the official explanation for the No. 1 store, there are two main line distribution plays a role: one is to meet regional customer demand; two is to adopt a unified can increase the volume, so as to improve the negotiating power of imported goods, better goods and price.

as for the size of the current line distributors, shop No. 1 did not disclose. "As a result of the introduction of the business is not long, and now the magnitude of the distributor is still relatively small, but we believe that the future growth of this space is very large." The person in charge said.

According to

billion state power network understanding, traditional retailers business as a distribution channel is a common phenomenon, but the electricity supplier will B2C line shop as a distribution channel is relatively rare. 1 shop this reverse to some extent reflects the development of the electricity supplier in the two or three line of the city’s ability to limit the impact of. Compared to the general electricity supplier through "whitewashing" channel sink strategy, which may be another noteworthy phenomenon.

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