Biography Groupon CEO will visit China in June

DoNews news May 27th 27, news sources, the U.S. group purchase website giant Groupon group CEO Andrew · Mason (Andrew Mason) will visit China in early June. When Andrew · Mason will not only its investment Chinese group purchase site Gaopeng high-level meeting, will also meet with some of the media, to exchange views on the current development of the group purchase.

the sources did not disclose the Groupon CEO Andrew · Mason’s itinerary, but has been determined will meet Gaopeng senior staff, with the domestic media to communicate and exchange. Insiders evaluation, which indicates that the Groupon headquarters attaches great importance to the friends, hope that through CEO’s visit to China for help.

According to

, Groupon is the largest group purchase website, the recent news that Groupon has been to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted an initial public offering (IPO) application, the IPO would be valued at more than $15 billion. U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will become the Groupon’s joint underwriters of the IPO. Since the beginning of 2011, Groupon began to enter China, had considered the acquisition of handle, full domestic large-scale group purchase website, but eventually Groupon hand Tencent win fund industry, Yunfeng fund, three joint venture Groupon, an official involved in the Chinese group purchase market.

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