A new attempt to B2C e commerce users how to stick to your station

electronic business, these days I have been thinking about this problem, if the professional point of view to explain is the electronic media business, e-commerce can be divided into three categories: B2B, B2C and C2C. Online shopping was initially started by B2C, but in recent years, the rapid development of C2C, has replaced the trend. But from a recent survey shows that B2C is seeking to rise again, due to the low cost of the network, to face some of the characteristics of consumers, making B2C become the first choice for many traditional companies. When it comes to a large number of traditional companies, but they are a strong supporter of B2C, in this piece, they still have great potential to tap. At present, there are two main ways for traditional enterprises to use the network channel:

(1) to develop its own brand of online shopping mall, the integration of their resources, to face the consumer sales of branded products

(2) to join the shopping platform C2C, such as Taobao, pat, etc., the use of the platform’s popularity and services to provide related products.

According to

reports, 2008, due to the financial crisis, some of the considerable strength of the enterprise is also an urgent need to reduce costs, to step up the layout of B2C, is expected to 2009, will set off a wave of retail network. Although there are many advantages of online retailing, but also controversial. This is because there are many online shopping risks, such as integrity, together with payment, logistics and user habits and other issues, it is not easy to successfully operate a B2C site. Online shopping has some of its own characteristics, according to iResearch analysis, 08 years of apparel products become the most frequently purchased products, followed by books, audio and video classes, cosmetics, jewelry and so on.

coincidentally, clothing has won the most often buy goods list "champion", the key lies in its low cost, high profit, logistics convenient. Many of my clients are doing B2C clothing, the annual turnover reached 10 million.

removal of logistics, cost of these factors, the most important problem is the B2C e-commerce station operations, how to operate has become a problem in the traditional enterprise. Different from the line of promotion, promotion strategy, the operation of the site is to combine online advertising, search engine marketing, user experience and many other ways to carry out. The clothing, 43.21% of online shopping users will recommend the purchase of products to friends, 16.82% of users because the evaluation of previous buyers is not real or evaluation is very poor, did not dare to buy 36.85% of users due to obtain evaluation before buyers to choose to buy clothing website. So whether it is possible to establish a high viscosity, good reputation interactive community becomes the top priority of B2C website.

is currently in my opinion, the domestic B2C website is just in the initial stage, many companies make a B2C website just to show the company’s brand and products online only, did not consider the user experience and community interaction problems. Because there is a lot of information on the Internet, consumers want to find

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