Tencent electricity supplier business revenue growth of 14% QoQ decline slightly

August 16th morning news, Tencent announced second quarter results, e-commerce business income reached 857 million 500 thousand yuan, an increase of 13.9% the previous quarter, but gross profit from 21 million 520 thousand yuan in the first quarter to 20 million 770 thousand yuan, gross margin fell from 2.76% in the first quarter to 2.51%, down 0.25%.

Tencent said, business revenue growth was mainly from the proprietary business (i.e. easy fast network) GMV (total commodity trading) increase in agency business (mainly refers to pat Network) of the transaction commission income growth in the electronic commerce business contribution.

it is worth noting that the Tencent report on the calculation of e-commerce business is self operated business transactions will be recorded as the total amount of merchandise revenue agency business is to record the agency fees as income, rather than GMV.

e-commerce accounted for in our current business in a relatively small proportion, we will e-commerce as a long-term business development, "Tencent President Liu Chiping said, before the company has decided to invest $one billion to the comprehensive level of the electricity supplier, for the construction of infrastructure, expanding the network service provider.

, the famous American rating agency Morningstar said, China B2C electric current development is not optimistic, although sales growth is very fast, but the commodity homogeneity, especially between the recent company China electricity supplier price war to make the Tencent for a passive position. (


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