Beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong the future will not be involved in mall business

beautiful says CEO Xu Yirong


technology news November 29th afternoon, held yesterday at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the garment ", beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong said that the beautiful said positioning fashion media attention for the user to do fashion guide, the future will not get involved in the mall business.

annual meeting of the scene, there are questions to the audience Xu Yirong: by virtue of the current good foundation, the next step will be beautiful if everyone involved in e-commerce, like everyone else, or open a clothing based mall.

Xu Yirong said in response to this, the outside world can be said to imagine a beautiful fashion media, for the user to do a fashion guide, based on this beautiful can provide very good service. "We will not go to itself sellers, this is not our focus."

In addition, Xu Yirong also revealed that, despite the creation of beauty that only two years, but the number of PV per day has more than 30 million

. The reason why we can get so much traffic in a short time, mainly based on the user’s word of mouth spread.

beauty, founded in 2009, is a women’s fashion sharing community. This month, said the United States has just announced the completion of the third round of $20 million financing, the round of financing led by the capital of the yuan capital investment, Sequoia Capital, blue Chi venture capital. (Ai Cheng)

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