Changshu garment city industrial clusters can become the next outbreak of clothing electricity suppl

It is reported that

, Changshu clothing online and logistics information platform to vote with the ceremony of the 2015 apparel e-commerce innovation development forum will be held in January 23, 2015 in the city of Changshu clothing clothing cultural arts center held.

experts have predicted that in 2014 the overall size of China’s apparel online shopping market will reach 615 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 41.5%, accounting for the country’s online shopping market size of 22.1%.

2014 double carnival, the opening of the 50 minutes, the Republic of Korea have clothes trading turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars, and for the past 55 minutes, the amount of turnover of hundreds of millions of camel trading. In the top 11 of the total turnover of the top two of the 10, clothing brands accounted for the total of two, respectively, are Korean homes and JACK&JONES. Whether from the double 11 data, or from the industry as a whole, with the development of China’s retail industry, China’s clothing electricity supplier is also showing a rapid development momentum.

in Jiangsu, Changshu as the center of the textile and garment industry cluster is one of the five major China textile and garment industry cluster have clothing wholesale market – the largest clothing city, gathering all over the country and overseas famous clothing brand more than and 600, famous brand more than 5 thousand, 2014 market turnover reached 125 billion, including online transactions over ten billion that has become the country’s largest worthy of the name apparel products distribution center and the national network of clothing wholesale center. With the rapid development of clothing electricity supplier, how to Changshu clothing business advantage more electricity supplier to better meet the needs of buyers and consumers, already imminent.

as the first Changshu clothing exclusive e-commerce platform, Changshu clothing online and formally launched in December 29, 2014.


platform is divided into the PC and the mobile terminal, around the platform, tools and services "three core, providing five functions, five supporting service center", aims to establish a one-stop e-commerce integrated services for the apparel industry. Its core idea is based on the help of Changshu garment industrial clusters to achieve the transformation and upgrading, in the context of big data to establish a small and beautiful clothing goods professional service platform. For some key enterprises, providing customized integrated services can be manipulated.

Jingdong listing, according to the Prospectus Documents show that the next 3 years Jingdong will invest at least $1 billion into the logistics system. Whether for Jingdong, Amazon these large electronic business platform, or the recent rise of emerging electricity supplier platform, logistics has been the pain point of the online retail industry, the clothing industry is no exception.

clothing Changshu city intelligent logistics system by digital and information technology unified management, build online information market docking, unified management, unified logistics "three-in-one" modern logistics operation mode, hopes to Changshu local clothing business logistics to solve a hard problem.

in order to promote the rapid development of Changshu clothing business, sponsored by the Changshu clothing City Management Committee, Changshu clothing online and logistics information platform to vote with the ceremony of the 2015 apparel e-commerce innovation development forum will be 1 themes >

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