About agricultural electricity supplier journey to the west

said the agricultural electricity supplier, now for all of us, agriculture is the journey to the inside of the Tang Seng meat, along with the rise of agricultural electricity providers, that Sun Wukong also appeared equal to anything, but this is really the case?

After all

words, Sun Wukong is not to a monk’s control, so he is not equal to anything, but now the trend is that agriculture, agricultural electricity providers is raging like a storm but still have to consider, to the real situation of agriculture, so as to take the open foot, walk the road spacious.

but in the development of the agricultural electricity supplier, in fact, and the journey to the west is almost the same, the same is to go through many tests and hardships, can take to the Scriptures, smooth success, although only eighty-one difficult journey to the west, but the agricultural electricity providers to go facing up and more than eighty-one.

information life, for the farmers, how to be in the forefront of information, how can not outdated.


is certainly agricultural is contacted with the farmers, they are very honest peasant, sometimes can be used to describe the information blockade, except for those suburbs or villages. Although the new farmers, farmers also college students started their own agriculture, but there are few, and they for new things have been the best period of study at the beginning, how you want them online shopping, how to scan code. Or simply browse the web page is very laborious, but on the other hand, may be a Tencent or a cool dog in the entertainment software big coffee may be pleased to smile, but they do not buy things, the children are not around, no one, no one, how do you do


who is busy throughout the year, agricultural electricity providers decide on what path to follow when not busy.

this thing must be a lot of people want to engage in business matters, half is not open, open to eat half of the things that you think you can go far, so we want to expand their own thing, whether it is in terms of raw materials, or to broaden the sales in the area above all, the reason why there will be idle time is because you don’t find enough customers, and not really a busy life, busy just for a few people.

ambition can sometimes, although agricultural electricity providers journey to the west is still continuing, but still have the same line as the Tang master team, cloud farm, which is more representative, he is our learning goals, of course he is in progress. Journey to the West continues.

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