Banking talent continues to drain mutual gold companies into a gathering place

from last July on "guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, to the Interim Measures for the business management information network lending agency issued in December "(Draft)", the central bank to regulate the Internet financial industry has increasingly strengthened, and clearly put forward some important requirements, such as information intermediaries, funds may not be set up the pool, not to increase trust and other regulations, requirements must have bank capital supervision.

After strengthening the supervision of

, many people think that the Internet is a good day for the end of the financial, but the reality is not the case, more and more people leave the banking system to join the Internet banking company. The development of the supervision of the central bank did not blow the enthusiasm of the Internet in financial markets, but because of the requirement of specification to enhance the financial industry internet transparency, which makes those born under the system of bankers can be more assured to join some mutual gold company.

nine rich talent strategy speed, a week has introduced three executives

with "the coming stormin" to describe the market status of Internet financial industry is most appropriate for the company before the battle, the most important is if there is sufficient preparation, and senior executives in the business battlefield configuration is the key, the recent introduction of Jiu Fu frequently intensive company executives to attract a lot of attention, not to have a week, Jiu Fu has introduced a chief asset management officer, chief risk officer and President of three key positions.


asset management chief officer Wu Zhijian University of International Business and Economics finance postdoctoral, previously has nearly 15 years of retail banking and wealth management experience in Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank three banks; President Yang Xiaojun has its special status in the China Banking Regulatory Commission, served as deputy director of the Commission fund innovation department director etc. before joining the government posts, Jiu Fu is the identity of the vice chairman Lu Jin. From the nine of three executives responsible for the introduction of rich business, is the core level, and it is the key position of Jiu rich is needed.

Jiu Fu has always attached great importance to the development of new products, product innovation and creativity has its advantages, the company has launched a flash of silver, Wukong financial and credit I fly, stage GO, small golden ticket, jingle loan, stage various product segments of crayons. A join in wealth management market for many years the experience of Wu Zhijian, responsible for the nine rich integrated financial services section of the product innovation, smart financial management and compliance development.

risk control ability is the core index to reflect the financial strength of the company, and to strengthen the constraints of financial regulation of the Internet company under the central bank, mutual gold’s ability to control the wind becomes more and more important, the general manager of the Department of Retail Risk Jiufu hired Minsheng Bank as the first risk officer is followed by the policy requirements, actively improve their in the Internet financial risk control ability.

executives are the industry elite, Jiu Fu president requires a "town to live" as people can, beyond all expectations is that the person is actually in Lu Jin previously served as vice.

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