Spicy mom venture with a bag of milk powder money earned milk powder for a year

some people said: "after the birth of a baby, basically a farewell to the workplace," this sentence is not right. Liu has been upgraded to treasure mom not only carefully take care of the baby every day, but also joined a special workplace, the most incredible is that she actually used a bag of milk powder to earn a year of milk money.

"at the beginning, to my family business is unanimous opposition, even to my husband standing toe to the other side." Liu said the beginning of the embarrassment of some excitement, "but I am still in a condemnation of persevered, and income than when working out a lot of high."

it is understood that Liu joined the "career" is a very popular way of entrepreneurship "derivative", but her products are eye popping. Just about large and Adult supplies platform "derivative product, willow and no half shy. She said: "I saw three mainly engaged in this industry, the first mode of operation can take care of the children while making money every day, open the mobile phone in your spare time you can start to sell; secondly, Adult supplies industry is still in the development period in Chinese, many people do not understand this industry, and now the market it has shown sustained growth; the most noteworthy is the derivative product management, can zero inventory business."

I understand that the derivative product is a large Adult supplies distribution platform. With special charm for operators like Liu as the platform can provide a generation of fat, the price is also the whole network lowest priced sales. Operating threshold is very low, because the investment is very small, so the risk is almost zero.

Liu took out their own books, the biggest investment is to buy a mobile phone memory card to store pictures and data products. Operating income for the first month of more than 1600 yuan, more than second yuan has been more than $3000. Liu said, now I’m taking micro superior large franchisee, in addition to the retail business there are many wholesale orders, in recent months the income has more than 5 digits.

in the tens of thousands of troops in the entrepreneurial team, perhaps the mother Liu Liu is lucky. But the market economy is not to buy lottery luck, more is a vision, a belief. Concerned about the micro signal: [fb3916358q] to learn more information.

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