Group purchase website has been copycat era is entering the stage of innovation

since the concept of "into the minds of consumers to China group purchase", the domestic group purchase websites emerge in an endless stream, like surging river in an unbroken line, some popular network group purchase, dobetter group purchase website provides the online shopping experience is not the same and affordable. But the vast majority of the network is to buy half of the irrigation, to the United States as a cheap cheap bait to attract consumers, to the end when consumers find themselves cheated after no complaints.

currently has thousands of Chinese group purchase network, and gradually expand the scope of the group purchase to various fields, such as a period of time before the rise of "group purchase" buy "," group purchase group purchase a car "decoration" and so on. And buy the site also has a golden week, such as Valentine’s Day is the site should not be missed sales climax.

said that far, we return to the topic, from the group purchase site Chinese spirit of innovation, it is the spirit of copycat has been ingrained in our minds, as long as things in the country had the copycat. Like "let the bullets fly" inside the Yellow master, there are cottage version. Next we through a example to demonstrate a Chinese spirit of innovation, take the group purchase website.

Groupon is the originator of group purchase website, when Groupon as popular, domestic meituan quietly established, followed by the rice group, QQ group, Sina group, club, one after another appears, rice and vegetable roll… I know people, there are two people made group purchase website, but if failed. The reasons for the failure of the UI interface is very simple, because the site did not innovation, group purchase mode is the same with the vast majority of network group purchase, this is doomed to fail, consumers are not fools, the website function, shopping mode under the circumstance of the same people what to your website to buy things. Unless the price war, the price war is the industry’s nemesis, such as war broke out, there will be a part of this part of the people died, and death are not willing to, death will support one or two to come. In this way, is it a cup?

there is a picture of the truth, the following posted a few pictures of the network, through the following pictures, I believe you can understand.



in fact, after the majority of domestic buy site has been closed down, the small number of buy site in order to survive, but also a small innovation.

(1) daily purchase into a daily multi purchase

most of the network before the purchase is a daily purchase (that is, each person can only buy a commodity per day), and some limited time limit, with the B2C spike activity similar. But now a lot of buy network is not limited to a daily purchase, on the contrary, no one can buy more than a day of goods. But the problem has emerged, if you can buy a lot of goods per person per day, then there is no much difference with the shopping mall, if Taobao also open >

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