Taobao shop how to find sources Open shop supply come from

Internet has made great changes in our life, but also bring us a lot of opportunities, especially small cost and high return of the Taobao shop more popular, so we have joined the ranks of the Taobao business. However, we will have a lot of questions after the registration of the shop, such as: Taobao shop how to find sources of open shop supply from where?.


one, shop how to find sources

1 use their own side of the source. For example, you are currently doing physical store business, then you can directly hang the product in the store sales, so that the formation of a line of business models, sales channels will become very wide. If you don’t have a store, you can also observe their side of what are the characteristics of products, such as fruit, snacks, agricultural products and so on, all of these can be linked to sales in the shop, without any restrictions, of course, illegal products can not be sold.

2 from the manufacturer or wholesale market. This is a more common way of purchase. From the wholesale market or manufacturers purchase, the choice of products is relatively large, there is a relative advantage in terms of price. Recommend a lot of observation to do a comparison of several wholesalers, to find a satisfactory wholesaler to do long-term cooperation. For a long time, with the wholesalers familiar, we can implement the shipping business model, we are selling products online, shipped directly from wholesalers to delivery, thus greatly reducing the investment problem, do not worry about the storage problem.

3 on the Internet looking for agents to do business. Many online suppliers are recruiting agents, such as: Alibaba, Taobao distribution platform, of course, there are a number of other suppliers of the site. That’s what we need to talk about. However, many suppliers are required to cooperate, such as: ask your shop time, store reputation, etc., if you do not meet their requirements, but also do not give you cooperation. This requires you to have enough sincerity, you can pay some of the deposit, to show sincerity, they will consider.

4 online to buy a shop software. At present, there is a kind of software Tinghuo shop – shop and store the flourishing baby, baby software is what? After all, very simple, we need to open shop selling products, there is the software products to sell you, do not need to purchase the store to find sources. The baby is taken inside the software distribution pattern. The software company and all parts of the country’s real manufacturers signed a contract with small commodities, clothing accessories, digital 3C, etc. these food sources, are provided free of charge to software agents, manufacturers offer you the product picture and detailed information for you to upload to the store, when people come here to buy you directly through the software to factory orders, the manufacturer logistics to your customer delivery. Comparison of several ways to find sources, this investment is the least, only need to spend 600-800 yuan can have, but also suitable for novice operators.

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