How to determine the price of Google and Baidu advertising

we know, whether it is Google Adsense, or Baidu Union, web content advertising is to match the content, that is to say, what is the content, it will display the content related advertising.

based on this principle, we can according to some high priced advertising to choose the right content, thereby increasing revenue.

so, how to judge the level of advertising price? Here I introduce a little skill, according to the Baidu keyword price ranking to judge. (Google AdSense and Baidu alliance is similar, so, the price of Baidu Google Adsense also has a reference)

Baidu search engine PPC keyword price query:

here is the price of search advertising, but the content of advertising, it is also proportional to the value of the reference value.

for example, here can be found in "abortion", "breast", "nose" and "hymen repair" the price of these words are very high, so it can be analyzed, the cosmetic advertising prices are relatively high, you can do the beauty of content targeted more (if are you good at it), in order to attract high priced ads appear in your web page.

also, also can be found in the very low price of many keyword advertising. In this way, the content can be avoided.

of course, the choice of content, but also can not be biased on the theme, such as your site is a second-hand information network, if the beauty of the content, it is a bit funny, and not necessarily someone to see. So, to choose in their own industry, so as to develop the theme of the web site, but also get a relatively high advertising revenue.

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