Fang Xingdong never blog Godfather Libo of e commerce in Yiwu

in 90s, graduating from Tsinghua University, Fang Xingdong in the "hegemony", challenge Microsoft fame, Chinese IT become the most well-known industry critics circle. And then Fang Xingdong and evaluation is excellent entrepreneurship, blog China to establish its own blog Godfather status, but also to the global network of Yiwu China Commodity City e-commerce.


has not said his entrepreneurial success, even once burst blocking the door staff pay talks, but in June 9, 2010, in Hangzhou, Binjiang takes the global network of Yiwu office, the parties still passionate. For the famous blog, or stick to the blog is still the mainstream media in the future, especially in the field of expertise. He takes himself as an example, focus on the Internet to read magazines like "computer world", after the IT professional website, now more is to look at some of the industry’s blog and post. He even believes that journalists in the news unit will be replaced by bloggers in the future because they have an unparalleled cost advantage. He believes there may be bloggers on the news.

but when he founded, seems to be a party.

blog network, formerly known as blog China, initiated by Fang Xingdong in August 2002. By the end of 2003, becoming the world’s first Chinese blog site. In May 2005, Alexa global ranking rose to the top 100 professional website traffic, and is known as the "China Internet 2 era leader. But in 2006 has slipped to the country’s eighth blog service providers. After that, the blog network has not recovered.


reporter reviewed the development of ", but also to halt in 2006.

Fang Xingdong seems to miss his first blog Chinese did not accept the wind for the time, "then out of personal interest, almost every post title is my change".

and then Mu Zimei can rely on a blog around the world age.

Fang Xingdong’s personal interest began to let in commercial operation after

, venture capital involved in large-scale blog, September 2005, obtained 4 venture capital investment totaled $10 million, which is the international venture capital in Chinese Internet 2 times for the blog site of the largest investment.

but the biggest investment is also quickly burned so that employees pay, Fang Xingdong think entrepreneurs and investors different ideas, the relationship between the blog network is not smooth. "Venture capital can make an industry or an industry." After the age of 40 Fang Xingdong learned to reflect, "but after all is my responsibility, after all, people are my bidding, did not put the money to good use."

Fang told reporters that at present he has all the shares of the blog network to recover, venture capital has quit. As for the blog has been criticized by the outside world profit model, Fang Xingdong in a nutshell, with the scale of the profit model".

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