Taobao diamond buyers around Taobao seller’s seven sins

said it was a crime, a bit exaggerated, but as a Taobao ordinary buyers do not like the behavior of online sellers. In the past 6 years of online shopping time almost no difference to the seller, wrote the following various cases, in order to hope that sellers and buyers can understand each other, empathy.

. A pre Pro stop, iced

customer service

do not know what time to start, Taobao’s popular sellers and buyers say hello when called "pro", and even see a seller of Raiders have a written mainly to show their intimacy, zuitian called "pro". Perhaps many buyers still feel pretty good. But I still feel disgusting, with you the stranger, every time I hear "pro" feel jumpy. But once the majority owner of the customer service problems to find his exchange or return, with a completely different attitude before, not to mention the call you "pro", can have a good reply to. Before and after the huge contrast is like a drop from the clouds.

in fact, I think that as long as the treatment of buyers politely say hello, you can, both generous and decent. After the sale of the problem can be handled in a timely manner, is a good shop owner.

two. The first at the tail of

there are a lot of shopkeepers, especially business is hot, high credit rating, often not online, or stealth diving state. I asked about the baby basic problem is no reply. Take a closer look at the shop announcement, oh! Finally understand, the shopkeeper said, does not open Wangwang, to shoot himself, so is a supermarket. Perhaps the reason for this is their money, buy or not. But the online purchase of goods not only look at the pictures and fill in the seller description, there are some other problems to be confirmed or reply, and customer service issues to understand, don’t always get the response, this feeling really bad. Of course, even if the store inside things like, I would not choose to buy.

three. Customer service management confusion

shop big, business is good, the natural owner thought to ask customer service to help deal with pre-sale, delivery, after-sales and other issues. But some shopkeepers have some problems in customer service management. From the receipt to the final delivery may have been the hands of many people, there will be no delay in the delivery of a single phenomenon, the owner asked after the reply, said: yesterday’s list is not my pick, do not know." So this gave the delivery time was postponed for one day.

is no longer the goods after the problems of contact customer service three, Zhang San said that the boss is unable to handle in a refund; ask Li Si said yesterday is a three deal with customer service, not me, so to repeat things, coordination solution. People are all at sea head, sigh, how is it so hard to buy something


four. Virtual commodity waste buyers buy search time


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