Lenovo pushed the integrity of the system to crack the electricity supplier industry bottlenecks

e-commerce has become increasingly popular, more and more traditional enterprises into the field of electricity providers, from 3C, to the Department of clothing, traditional companies involved in the electricity supplier preparation has become a common practice, but this is a popular trend of the phenomenon at the same time, the industry are thinking, traditional enterprises in the electricity supplier how to bring the industry what new thinking


November 8th, Lenovo to Chinese Electronic Commerce Association held a press conference to e-commerce credit system, Lenovo became the first to eat crab business, become the first domestic electricity supplier to establish a credit system of traditional enterprises, and established the primary standards of integrity of e-commerce and the basic norms of behavior and made beyond the basic standard of excellence on good faith commitment. In the electricity supplier boom, a traditional enterprise to make the promise of e-commerce integrity, causing the industry as a whole shock and media attention.

Lenovo electricity supplier performance behind the integrity of the law of Pyramid

in fact, traditional companies vied for the electricity supplier is not a new topic, the results are mostly poor performance reasons it is nothing more than the lack of experience in the team, online and offline channel conflict, lack of scale and flow of the user and the lack of determination, but Lenovo is an exception, since 08 years involved in the field of electricity providers, performance abnormal eye-catching performance is also a steady growth. Ari in 2011 two quarter of the electricity supplier data show that the first half of Lenovo’s official website mall "were visitors reached 3 million 600 thousand people, ranking third in the traditional enterprise B2C website, and the row in front of two retail enterprises, Lenovo is the most prominent online sales of a manufacturing industry. Lenovo and Taobao flagship store for three consecutive years for the Taobao 3C store for the first category, Taobao PC market share first. On the Internet, almost every minute will sell a computer.


Lenovo Group vice president Tang Jie Lenovo e-commerce background


not only have to ask: what Lenovo can break the traditional enterprise business is "dead" spell? Conference, Lenovo Group vice president Tang Jie gives the answer, behind the electronic business performance by Lenovo, is to win the trust of consumers, consumer confidence is linked to the integrity of business has long insisted that the. In fact, although the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, but never get rid of the integrity of torture, the integrity of the system is also the lack of rules and standards.

in this regard, Tang Jie believes that Lenovo has more than 3 years, has been exploring the integrity of management, but also summed up the credit system of the "Pyramid" structure, at the bottom of the basic requirements of standard real business legally, get Chinese Electronic Commerce Association integrity system certification, is the affirmation and guarantee of enterprises overall strength, scale and qualification and provide service and commitment to consumers overall ability; the middle is the code of conduct, but also the basic principle of enterprise credit management, such as illegal fraud, consumer protection of personal information, not to engage in false propaganda, to ensure consumers’ right to know in the purchase process, distribution limitation promises to process queries, safety security, customer service service.

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