The ten most common domestic third party payment platform

with the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping, online trading has become a part of daily life for consumers. For Internet businesses, traditional payment methods such as bank transfer, postal remittance, buyers need to handle cumbersome bank or post office remittance business; and if the cash on delivery way, and to bring the business risk and the cost of expensive logistics. Therefore, the online payment platform gradually born in this demand. As an important component of e-commerce, online payment has become an inevitable trend in the development of e-commerce. The online payment platform is a platform provider through the use of standard connector, establish connections between online merchants and banks, in order to achieve from the consumer to the financial institutions, businesses cash online currency payment, cash flow, capital clearing, query statistics and other issues. The third party payment platform application, effectively avoid the risk of the transaction constitutes a return, integrity and other aspects, for businesses to carry out B2B, B2C, or even C2C transactions of e-commerce services and other value-added services to provide a complete support. Among them, the most typical is the use of Paypal EBAY payment tools. Paypal open to nearly 40 countries around the world; now is the most popular on the Internet free credit card tool, a main way of online money.

below I will be more popular in the country’s top third party payment tools to introduce you:

1, Yi Bao (YeePay)

YeePay (Beijing Epro Zhizhu Internet Technology Co. Ltd.) is a professional engaged in diversified electronic payment one-stop service leader. YeePay – is committed to become a world-class electronic payment application and service providers, focus on financial value-added services, the promotion of innovation and diversification, low cost, safe and efficient payment service. Based on the online payment at the same time, YeePay – innovation, the Internet, mobile phone and fixed phone on an integrated platform, after the SMS payment, mobile phone recharge, launched the first YeePay phone payment business realize Epro, offline payment, set up electronic payment highway for more traditional industries.

YeePay – has three characteristics: easy to expand, easy payment guarantee payment, easy access to payment. Since the user’s important data is stored in the user’s bank account in the background system, any third party can not be stolen, so the user provides full protection. From the access to business management system using YeePay easy, without any business development, zero threshold for self-service access, easy to learn, which then is used to process. All YeePay customers have become easy, can automatically become a member of the club to enjoy wealth YeePay, YeePay Epro offers a variety of value-added services, interactive marketing and a variety of rich and colorful line activities, expand business cooperation, the development of business partners, to achieve win-win objective.

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