Make your site P generate greater economic benefits

Tao perhaps can make your IP more valuable, we stand in many friends of the advertising is the main source of the alliance platform to click on the income based, and deduct the amount serious is the industry’s unspoken rule! Here I talk about how to do we stand in the Amoy business, as well as advantages in


platform great reputation of all guest operating mode can be obvious to people, is proportional to the data into relatively transparent. The advantage of a wide range of products of guest we can find a suitable own website content products. Of course, you can also do a professional shopping guide station. It is understood that many non professional users do guest, the monthly income of more than 3000+, I think there is no reason why we do not full-time webmaster! I talk about a few ideas


A: how to make Taobao guest fast money

1: be sure to do a single product (Commission easy to clinch a deal single product)

single product is the most realistic, you choose the high gold (preferably 40%-50%), so you can ensure that your income, actually look at the goods the cumulative purchase quantity, the business is not Wang Pu, did not participate in the consumer protection, the description of the goods is attractive, to the credibility of the seller. This is to ensure that your turnover rate generally! So as to increase your profits


2: choose suitable for single product category to do

not every single product category, can do, such as clothing, you should contact the buyer to buy clothes in mind, do not go to an end is not shot, even if you recommend something again good, also can let you get right now! I choose category is slimming products, though to rectify the illegal slimming products, but the brothers don’t forget all the weight loss products only one purpose, it is to lose weight, so as long as the weight loss products to promotion is worth, because consumers do not have individual needs, just to lose weight! I now disclose private promotion, sales is the best "green Vegetable & Fruit slimming capsule", the highest day extension of 6, this is more than and 300 dollars


as to what other categories, you can go to look at


here I add to the non mainstream station QQ station to do the costume jewelry is very good Ma will not bi GG advertising less!

3:SEO how to engage in

site, you want to flow, the fundamental solution is only one, that is SEO, SEO is not a difficult thing, if you are a webmaster, not SEO, it is worth learning about, if you don’t want to engage in website, SEO, can, you can use the Sina blog. Sina is a big website, search engine weight is very high, for example, you want to do this " green Vegetable & Fruit slimming capsule " then, it is very simple, your title in the post when started to write "green Vegetable & Fruit slimming capsule….." And then in the first paragraph of the article

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