Next month will be able to buy KEA furniture online but only in Shanghai


Chinese announced in the afternoon the 2017 year conference, will launch e-commerce operations at the end of August, but the current business will only test run in the Shanghai area.

when consumers can log on IKEA’s official website, from the top right corner of the shopping cart entrance to enter the site. Online and offline products in the category and price will be consistent.

previously, IKEA has more than a dozen overseas countries to carry out electricity supplier business. In May this year, IKEA China, said in an interview with an interface news reporter, is expected to launch in the second half of this year, including multi-channel sales plan, including the electricity supplier.

IKEA China retail President Zhu Changlai said that IKEA’s electronic business platform at this stage will use IKEA’s own official website, by IKEA supplier distribution. Because Shanghai is the first to enter the IKEA China City, has three stores and more mature logistics system, the market is relatively mature, IKEA will be the first pilot in Shanghai, will be extended to more China city in the future, a specific timetable is uncertain.

in February this year, IKEA in Tianjin, China established third large storage logistics base. Zhu Changlai said, Tianjin warehousing and logistics base can provide strong support for e-commerce in northern cities landing.

IKEA currently has 20 stores in Chinese, rate of expansion over the past two years maintained a 3 stores a year. IKEA China in fiscal year 2016 performance is still outstanding, as of August 10th this year, the mall received a total of 83 million 460 thousand visitors, an increase of over the previous fiscal year, sales reached $11 billion 700 million, an increase of 19.4% over the previous fiscal year. Removal of new stores, IKEA has 5 consecutive years in the Chinese market to achieve the same store sales growth of two digits.

Zhu Changlai told the interface news, according to IKEA’s multi-channel sales experience in overseas markets, e-commerce and store sales can promote each other. Online, IKEA mall employees will receive the appropriate service training to guide consumers online shopping products.

in addition to the electricity supplier channels, IKEA China also disclosed for the first time in May 25th this year to start operating in Wenzhou IKEA order center.

Wenzhou order center is the first pilot IKEA China small stores, an area of about 2000 square meters, the display of goods and large shopping malls basically no difference. Consumers can order in the center of the order, the goods shipped by the nearest IKEA Ningbo mall, consumers can choose to deliver goods by IKEA, or to Wenzhou order center delivery.

Zhu Changlai said, Wenzhou ordering Center for two months, has received visitors over 200 thousand passengers. "In the operation, we found that more than 40% of consumers tend to self and not to mention delivery, easy to carry goods tend away directly in payment, so we will correspondingly increase the sheets, cutlery and other goods."

once the Wenzhou order center trial run successfully, IKEA will be opened in more cities in this type of store, including the existing door >

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