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The value of

QQ I do not want to say, we all know the value, it itself has a more terrible social database. Moreover, QQ group marketing is a more common way to promote the network, in order to have a good marketing effect QQ group, in addition to find high-quality QQ group, the other is to have enough QQ group. Often mixed on the network of friends should know, and now compared to the QQ group has a lot of difficulty. Restricted by Tencent, each QQ can only add 10 QQ group every day, up to no more than 20 QQ group. So many people are the fixed limit to block their way of making money removed from the QQ group.


but difficult does not mean there is no way, here and share some Taobao customers QQ dry cargo operation.

a, QQ group classification

understand the way a platform to make money, we must first know the type of the platform, the following, we first look at the Taobao QQ group of customers in the end what kind of


1, spike group

this group is also called cabbage group. QQ group is the earliest one of the easiest way to play. The group is to promote some of the low price of goods based on mail, the group is also a member of the low income or petty gain of the main. Construction group general is the pursuit of quantity, through the accumulation of large flow data, batch pull friends of the way to get users, and not too much on the screen, the user is out of order, all kinds of people.


2, precision group


group is now operating Taobao off the QQ group most worthy of study, people who pre screening more difficult, mainly from the late outbreak. Through a long period of training, the formation of an invisible trust, continue to provide the proper value. Recommended in the group are generally cost-effective, or high prices can also promote turnover. For example, a precise outdoor QQ group, the recommended products of high prices, and user groups consumption level is very high, if well maintained, a group of 2000 people more than 100 seckill group, also earned commissions. So this is also a lot to do the hope of a QQ group guest reached state.

3, group


is mainly in the rebate site do Taobao promotion back off Liqun, most of them are parasitic or more than self similar data based group alliance QQ group. The role is similar to the rebate website, but this type of group of Taobao’s under pressure near the dead.


4, free single group

this type of group is also known as 0 yuan group. Free single group and the general group is bound to exist, of course, there are separate cases. In this group is mainly issued a number of brush based information, such as today’s popular AB>

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