People dispensary to get involved in the smart wearable industry for PO overweight

DoNews November 4th news has been aimed at the giant mobile health market will usher in a new spoiler. According to sources, the domestic people pharmacy chain pharmaceutical companies will officially enter the smart wearable industry.

said, people first group will jointly mobile health field is the most leading service providers spring doctor and the largest health care provider of digital terminal equipment "benefit of Health Science and technology", in the common business platform "people online pharmacies" to build smart wearable area, or the first batch of products will be launched in the near future.

magnates "wearable"

intelligent mobile medical field requires participants to have medical resources, IT technology and the Internet thinking "three carriage", which can be fun mobile Internet, and have enough experience for the medical industry itself. The threshold is high, but still attract many giants come to beach.

early in the first half of this year, foreign technology giants such as Samsung, apple and Google have launched a smart health platform, namely Samsung SAMI, apple HealthKit, Google GoogleFit; and domestic Baidu, Tencent, Jingdong is also the second half after another on-line unwilling to remain out of the limelight, intelligent hardware projects.

according to iResearch data show that in 2012 China wearable portable mobile medical equipment market size of 420 million, is expected by 2017, this figure will be close to 5 billion, an increase of nearly 10 times.

but not because of past experience of mature and successful business model for reference, and the inherent product certification, technology accumulation threshold, coupled with regulatory policies remaining variables, smart wearable development road to Everything is going smoothly.

industry insiders believe that the current domestic smart wearable mobile medical industry has not yet formed, products and services are more serious homogenization phenomenon, especially in the user data is not rich, has the potential to become the biggest obstacle restricting the development of the industry. Who can solve this problem, or the emergence of the rules of the game industry leaders.

to create health services closed loop

people business director Wenlu history said that with intelligent wearable and mobile medical, the biggest value lies in big data and health management. But at the present stage, due to the different brands of intelligent devices collected data is not uniform, resulting in a lack of sample size; at the same time, the user uses the device is optional, very large fault.

based on this, currently on the market almost all of the smart wearable devices are not able to achieve the true sense of the big data collection and analysis, which continues to promote the development of the product and bring no small impact.

currently, smart wearable mobile medical industry, whether it is from the hardware, software or service level, are prone to chronic diseases, because patients would understand the situation, more in line with the characteristics of mobile medical solutions light interrogation demand. Among the about 10000000 members of the common people’s pharmacy

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